Expression Language Techniques

Modified on Mon, Dec 4, 2023 at 11:41 AM

Expression language techniques are a set of programming conventions that provides a set of 'patterns' for accomplishing programmatic tasks with the Expression Language. 

Some of the techniques that will be discussed on the following pages include: 

  • Finding the First and Last rows for a student:  Finding the First and Last Rows for a Student
  • Suppressing fields (i.e. blanking them out) in successive rows of a report: 
  • Combining multiple rows of information into a single row: Concatenation: Putting Multiple Strings Together
  • Capturing information into the "Last Row for Student"
  • Populating multiple form fields from a single Column of extracted data 
  • Counting items for students. 
  • Deciding which rows to print: building and analyzing parameters which display a list of options.
  • Deciding What Expressions to print - breaking up big messy Expressions into separate Columns and controlling newlines. 
  • Filling forms: 
    • Checking checkboxes - Checking multiple checkboxes based on a single field (e.g. ethnicity) 
  • Working with Contact2 Records 
    • Selecting "Mother" & "Father" from a list of guardians 
    • Selecting an "Extra Guardian" 
    • Select Special Contacts (e.g. SwiftReach) 
    • Creating a list of siblings
    • Custody-Sensitive Emergency Verification Form
  • Working with Dates & Date Formatting 
  • Working with Strings (i.e. Text) and Text Formatting: Working with Text (Strings)
  • Summing & Averaging - Working with Totals

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