Knowledge base

The Genesis & SchoolFi Support Portal (1)

How to access and submit tickets to the portals for Genesis Support & SchoolFi Support

General Information & Resources (5)

Access Genesis Support, Training Videos, and Customer User's Group

Start of School Year Procedures (8)

Information and resources on various Start of School Year tasks

Assessments (4)

Information and resources on Assessments: importing, reviewing, updating, displaying etc.

Athletics & Clubs (8)

Information and resources on the Athletics module and using Clubs

Attendance (9)

Information on Daily and Class Attendance

Built-in Reports (17)

List of the built-in Genesis reports by module

Community Service (1)

Information on the Community Service module

Conferences (2)

Information on Conferences

Custom Report Writing (5)

Report Writer documentation and Genesis Custom Report Library

Discipline & Code of Conduct (6)

Information and resources for the Conduct module

Document Management (4)

Information on the Doc Mgmt module

Elementary Grading (2)

Information about tools, tasks, and procedures within the Elementary Grading module.

End of School Year Procedures (5)

Information and resources for various End of School Year tasks

Fees, Fines, and Payments (4)

Information on Fees, Fines, Payments

Genmessaging (1)

Information on the Genmessaging module

Gradebook for Administrators (4)

Information and resources for Gradebook administrators

Gradebook for Teachers (8)

Information and resources on Gradebook for teachers/users

Grading (6)

Information on the Grading module - including grade collections, grade calculations, GPAs etc

Lesson Planner (2)

Information on using the Lesson Planner module

Mass Updating & Importing Data (2)

Various ways to import or update data in Genesis.

Staff, Users, Roles, and Account Security (4)

All about managing staff and their access to Genesis

System/Server Information (3)

Server Configuration, Java JVM, Tomcat, Oracle