Creating a Tablespace

Modified on Thu, Apr 20, 2023 at 1:00 PM

Important Note: If you are UNSURE of how to create a tablespace; contact Genesis support before proceeding with this screen.

Creating a tablespace

One or more tablespaces will be dedicated for Document Management.   Navigate to the Doc Mgt.Tablespaces screen to manage tablespaces.   This screen is meant as a light weight alternative to managing tablespaces in Oracle. 

Disk Space Available

Make sure that the storage device you create the tablespaces for Document Management have a lot of disk space available.   Genesis recommends having at least 100 Gigabytes of available space.

Naming Conventions

Genesis comes with two built in tablespaces.   They are named DISTRICT_DATA and DISTRICT_INDEX; where DISTRICT is usually the name of your school district.  The DISTRICT_DATA tablespace contains tables, sequences and a small set blob (binary large objects).   The DISTRICT_INDEX tablespace contains all of the indexes (and primary key indexes). 

If you are just starting out with Document Management; it is advisable to create a tablespace called DISTRICT_DOCS.  

Creating the tablespace

Your server is most likely configured as Oracle Managed Files or Automatic Storage Management.   To create a DOCS table space; enter DISTRICT_DOCS into the Name field of the Create a new tablespace are of the screen*.*  Replace DISTRICT_ with the name of your district (refer to the existing tablespaces on your server for reference).  

If you have a separate volume or directory that you wish to use just for document management; then you can specify a file name in the Datafile 1 field.


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