Registering a Student Through Open Registration Portal

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Registering a student in Open Registration

This is a view of what the parents would see at each step in their Open Reg process.

Note: depending on the required fields set by the district, the screens may look slightly different.


Home Screen

Click on the captcha/icon referenced on the screen to start.                                                                                                                                

Login Enabled

Login Disabled

Click on the captcha/icon referenced on the screen to start.


Register Students tab (after solving captcha)

Click 'Add Student' to get started.

(The "Step 1 text" is set in Registration>Open Reg>Setup under "Students Tab Message.")

Fill in student information, fields with a * are required fields - these may be necessary to fill in in order to submit registration information.

Click “Save Student” when you are finished.

Sample student information:


Incomplete Submission

Complete Submission

After submitting a student they will appear in a table. There is a status column informing you if you missed any required fields.

If you have missed required fields, it will say “Missing Fields” in the Status column on the next screen. Click “Modify Student” to go back to the previous screen to finish adding the required items.

Once the student has all required fields filled in their status will be complete.

At this point, if you have additional students to enter, click “Add Another Student” and complete the same process you did for the first student.

If you have no missing items, it will say “Proceed” in the Status column, and you can click “Advance to Next Screen.”



Contacts and Addresses

In order to add contact information you must first submit the address and information for the primary parent/guardian.

Click “Add Primary Address and Primary Parent/Guardian” to get started.

A pop-up will appear for you to enter info such as home address, relationship to student (Mother, Father etc), Phone Number and Email information.

When finished, click “Save Primary Contact Information.”

("Step 2 text" is set in Registration>Open Reg>Setup under "Addresses/Contacts Tab Message 1.")

This form has required fields as well, however you cannot submit the contact information unless all of these fields are filled in.

If you missed a required field, the pop-up will remain and the field will be highlighted in red to prompt you to enter the information.

Once this is complete, click “Save Primary Contact Information” again.

After submitting the primary guardian a prompt will appear - and you are able to add the remaining parents/guardians as well as emergency and other contacts.

("Step 3 text" is set in Registration>Open Reg>Setup under "Addresses/Contacts Tab Message 2.")


Review and Submit

Once you fill in the necessary information you can go to the Review and Submit tab where you can go over the information you have entered and make sure it is correct

This screen will also tell you which student is missing required fields

If enabled, you can use your email as a username and set a password to come back later and update/finish filling in information.

If you missed required fields that are necessary for submission, you will not be able to submit registration information until they are filled out.

After successfully registering you will be shown this screen, you can make further changes and resubmit information if you wish to do so.

(The top text is set in the open Registration>Open Reg>Setup under "Confirmation Page.")

Optional Tabs

There are a few optional tabs your district may enable/disable as needed.

They are Documents, Home Language Survey, Appointments.


This is optional depending on the district’s set up. You may be brought to a Documents tab and prompted to upload specific documents.

If you do not see this tab, you can disregard.

If you have the document tab, you would need to click “Upload Document,” click “Choose File” and locate the relevant document on your desktop/computer/laptop/tablet as needed and click “Upload File.”

When finished, click “Advance to Next Screen.”


This is optional depending on the district’s set up. You may be brought to an Appointments tab.

This is to set up an appointment with the school for the registration process.

If you have the tab, select a date and time on the calendar. Click “Advance to Next Screen” to continue.

Home Language Survey

This is optional depending on the district’s set up. You may be brought to the Home Language Survey to fill out for the student.

If you have the tab, click “Begin Survey” to go through the questions.

After you answer the questions, you can click “Advance to Next Screen.”

If needed, you can click “Reset Survey” to resubmit the survey.


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