Third Party Interface Implementation Guide

Modified on Mon, May 15, 2023 at 10:20 AM

Available Genesis to 3rd Party Vendor Interfaces

Follow this link to view the latest list available: 3rd Party Interfaces

Steps to take to have a 3rd party interface enabled

  1. Enter a help desk support ticket specifically requesting more information or a quote for the desired interface(s). If you are requesting more information, please include contact information so that we can call to discuss
  2. We will send you a quote for the requested interface(s)
  3. When we receive your Purchase Order (or you can reference a Purchase Order # in the JIRA), the interface will be enabled in that night's build
  4. This fee will be added to your annual Genesis maintenance fee

Methods of sending data

  1. Direct FTP/SFTP 
    1. If you are sending data directly to the vendor, you will need to contact the vendor to obtain the hostname, TCP port, username and password of the (S)FTP server
  2. Export Files to Path on server 
    1. If you are hosting Genesis on an in-house server, you can have Genesis export these files to a specific drive/folder on the server for vendor processing
  3. Export to E-Mail (only available on specific exports) 
    1. If the district needs to process the file manually or would like a copy sent via email on a daily basis
  4. 3rdparty vendor requires district to send/process the export with the aid of an application 
    1. If the 3rd party vendor requires that you run an application on-site to process the file, you will need to install an SFTP server (if you don't have one already) on the machine that has the application installed
    2. Reference our wiki here on installing an SFTP server: FreeSSHd installation instructions or OpenSSH on Windows - SFTP
    3. Follow Step 1

Hosted Genesis Sites Block Port 21 and cannot use FTP, only SFTP.

Genesis Support and Assistance

  1. Genesis will assist district personnel in configuring the parameter for the 3rdparty interfaces 
    1. Please have the following information ready 
      1. If sending to the vendor OR (S)FTP server is hosted on a machine in the district 
        1. Hostname
        2. TCP Port
        3. Username and Password
        4. Optional: Directory on the (S)FTP server
  2. For districts that are hosted on Genesis' servers but will be moving to an in-house server 
    1. Genesis Support Personnel will assist you in changing the parameters upon moving onto the in-house server
  3. Benefits of using a paid interface rather than a district-designed report 
    1. We will make the necessary coding changes as required by: 
      1. The vendor
      2. New Jersey state regulation changes
      3. Genesis system design changes

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