Reunification Areas vs. Screens

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Physical Locations vs Screens

At least four physical locations are presumed to have been designated.  The three second level Reunification screens correspond to these locations, as the diagram illustrates:

  1. The Student Holding Area - As soon as an 'event' is opened, all students are assumed to be located in a Student Holding Area.  There can be many of these areas, but in all Student Holding Areas, the "Student Holding" screen is used to monitor which students have been "approved for release".
  2. The Parent Check-In Area - The "Parent Check-In" area is where parents/guardians and others attempting to retrieve one or more students must go to "check in" and have their students "approved for release".  The "Parent Check-In" screen is used in the Parent Check-In Area to search for students, verify the parent/guardian's information, and "approve the student(s) for pickup".   Once parents are finished checking in, they move to the "Release / Hand-off Area" to await their student(s).  The orange arrows above indicate the parents' movements.
  3. The Student Pre-Release Area - When a student has been "approved for release" via the Parent Check-In screen, their information appears on the Student Holding screen within 60 seconds.  It appears automatically:  the Student Holding screen will auto-refresh every 60 seconds or so.   Responsible staff members in the Student Holding Area are monitoring the Student Holding screen.  When a student's name appears on that screen, the responsible staff members can update the Student Holding screen to indicate whether the student will be sent along or not.  Students who are marked as "Approved for Release" are sent to the Student Pre-Release Staging Area to await release.  This area is presumably immediately adjacent to the actual Release/Hand-Off area.
  4.  The Release / Hand-off Area- The Parent / Guardian goes to the Release / Hand-off Area to await their students.   The responsible staff members at the "Release Hand-off Area" monitor the Student Release screen.   Meanwhile, the students are sent from the Student Holding Area to the Student Pre-Release Staging Area.  When the student arrives at the Student Pre-Release Staging Area, the responsible staff member there, uses the Student Holding screen to click "Send to Checkout" for the student.   This makes the student's information appear on the Student Release screen. 
    1. The student is brought to the Release / Hand-off Area once their parent is there.
    2. Student Release screen is then used to have the parent sign for the student, documenting that they are picking up the student(s).

Student Holding Areas

  • Default Student Holding Area for each School
  • Additional Holding Locations



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