InstantSync for Community Pass

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Instant Sync for Community Pass


Community Pass InstantSync integration syncs Fees and Fines in Genesis directly into the Community Pass Payment Portal.  Payments made in the Community Pass Payment Portal sync back automatically into Genesis.  You will also have the ability to query Community Pass for outstanding balances for fees that exist in Community Pass but not Genesis.  You must have a Community Pass payment account in order to use this integration. 

How it works

Once the integration has been configured and enabled, fees and payments will stay in sync between the two systems with no need for user interaction.

The sync of fees/fines from Genesis to Community Pass is instant.  The second they are created or modified in Genesis, they are pushed to Community Pass via our shared API.  The sync of Payments made in Community Pass to Genesis happens in one of three ways.

  1.  Any time you visit a students fee page all payments are automatically pulled via the API
  2.  Any time a parent logs into the Genesis Parent Portal, all of that parent's student payments are pulled.
  3.  Community Pass InstantSync task will also run nightly and pull down any payments that have not yet been pulled down.

Demographic information about your students will be sent via FTP to Community Pass on a nightly basis.


The first step is to identify if you have fees in Community Pass that also exist in Genesis.  If so, we may need to purge the unpaid fees in Community Pass prior to enabling the interface.  This will avoid duplicate fees appearing in a parent's Community Pass account. 

If you have UNPAID fees in Community Pass that DO NOT exist in Genesis, these fees will NOT be able to sync with Genesis.  Only fees created through the Instant Sync Integration will be managed.  You will need to work with Community Pass to remove these UNPAID fees from Community Pass and recreate them in Genesis.

Step two is to enter your Community Pass API Key on the Community Pass setup screen.  Community Pass will supply you with this information. (This should be done in the testing phase with a Genesis System Support Member)

Step three is to identify which fee/fine Categories in Genesis should be synced to Community Pass using the "Select Categories" button seen above.  By default, all categories are included.  Categories can be added from the Setup > Codes screen under "FEE_CATEGORY".

Step four.  You will need to run both Test Connection tests (Test Pull and Test Push) to ensure you can connect to your Community Pass server. (This should be done in the testing phase with a Genesis System Support Member).  You may also set a custom message that will appear on the top of the fees page in Parents Portal using the Parent Payment Message dialog box.

Step five is to populate the "  Import student fines created after this date:  " field. This field will only appear AFTER you have successfully run both tests. 

**Once this field has been populated, Genesis will be able to send all fees and fines in qualifying categories with a date equal or greater to the one entered.  Fees created prior to this date will not be sent.  You will also need to enable the tasks listed below.**


There are a total of five separate tasks for Community Pass. 

Get Payments - This will enable Genesis to pull fee payments from Community Pass

Send Fees - This allows Community Pass to Import fees and fines from Genesis

Get Balances - This task pulls balances from Community Pass for a patrons entire account.  This balance include fees that do not reside nor were originated in Genesis.  This balance may be displayed to parents or may be used to lock out a parent portal account.

Please Note

You do not need to alter the times or dates that the Get Payments, Send Fees and Get Balances tasks run.  Genesis will run these tasks automatically throughout the day when needed regardless of the times or dates.

Nightly Sync  - This task runs validations against the Genesis and Community Pass databases to make sure everything is properly in sync.

The fourth task is CommunityPass Export.  This is a separate task from the InstantSync API.  It FTPs demographic csv files to Community Pass . 


Parent Module Options

Payment Vendor Parent URL - This URL should point to the Community Pass Payment Portal.  It will be displayed in the Genesis Parent portal as a button/link.

Payment Vendor Parent URL Display - This is the text that will appear for the link in the above button/link

Show Community Pass Balance -  This will display the balance from the Get Balances task

Lockout parent portal if outstanding balance as if it was a genesis fee/fine - If you have set portions of the Parent Portal to be locked out based on fines, this will include the balance from the Get Balances task when determining locking out a portal account.

Parent Portal Community Pass Balance Message - This is the message that will be displayed when an outstanding balance from Community Pass is found in the Get Balances task



You may not edit a fee amount in Genesis if that fee has already been updated by Community Pass with a payment.  The fee amount will become read-only.

It is recommended that manual payments made by parents in the office be recorded in Community Pass, but in the event the payment is made in Genesis, the total amount due for that fee will be updated in Community Pass.

Fees waived in Genesis will be reflected in Community Pass. 

Fees refunded/waived in Community Pass will be reflected in Genesis








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