Changing a Non School Day (Vacation Day etc) to a School Day

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Changing a Non School Day (Vacation Day etc) to a School Day

This procedure works equally well for District Calendar Events and School Calendar Events.

Turning a Vacation Day into a School Day is done by simply eliminating the date from the Calendar Event which currently includes it and reconciling Attendance.

Any date that is within the school year, is not a weekend day, and is NOT included in a Calendar Event is determined to be a regular school day.

If you have a day (e.g. 11/9) that is currently NOT a school day and you want to make it a school day, either delete the Calendar Event which covers 11/9 completely or change the date(s) to exclude 11/9.

Then reconcile Attendance. (You must always reconcile attendance after making any sort of calendar adjustment. This is found via Calendar>Setup.)

Steps to Change a Non School Day to a School Day

  1. For a District Calendar Event go to the Calendar>District Calendar>Calendar Setup screen.  For a School Calendar, go to the Calendar>School Calendar>Calendar Setup screen.

  2. Locate the Event you wish to modify or eliminate on this screen:

  3. You have two options:
    • To delete a Calendar Event completely, click on the trashcan delete icon corresponding to it.
      • You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to remove the Event:
      • Click OK to continue and remove the Event.
    • To edit and change the dates for a Calendar Event, click on the edit (handwriting) icon corresponding to it.
      • The "Modify Event" screen will be displayed:
      • Change the Start and End Dates (or the single date on which the Event is to be held).
      • Click Modify to save your change.

  4. You must now Reconcile Attendance. You do this via Calendar>Setup, using the "Reconcile Attendance Records" tool.

  5. IMPLICATIONS FOR THE LESSON PLANNER:  You must also make sure you set the "Cycle Day" for the day or days you have turned from non-school days to school days (If a day has no "Cycle Day" set, the Lesson Planner cannot 'see' it as an actual school day): 
    1. Go to the Calendar>School>School screen for one of the schools you need to fix.
    2. First, test to see if the day has a properly assigned Cycle Day or not.  Click on the day you wish to fix - one of the days that had previously been a vacation/non-school day:
    3. This will bring up the "Modify Day" screen for that day:
    4. Note that the "Cycle Day" field may be blank.  If so, you must set this to the actual Cycle Day it supposed to be. If you are simply using "days of the week" (i.e. Monday-Friday) as your 'cycle', you can simpy set this to one of the correct days (that is, if you have no A,B, 1,2,3,4, etc. cycle):
      Then click "Save Calendar Day" - and you are done with this one school (repeat for all affected days).
    5. If you are using any type of more complicated cycle in the school - for example, A,B days, 1,2,3,4 days, etc. - anything other than Monday to Friday, you must use the "Apply Cycle Days" tool:  
      Go back to the Calendar>School>School screen and scroll to the bottom.
      There you will find the "Apply Cycle Days" tool:
    6. Select the correct options for your school (read the Steps carefully) and click .
    7. You only need to do this once per school.
    8. Repeat steps a to f for all affected schools. This should ensure that the Lesson Planner now correctly 'sees' the previously non-school days.

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