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The Registration>Setup>Settings tab is where you can enable/disable the new Registration screens.

Must select 'Enable New Registration Screens' in order to access the new registration.


These settings are found via Registration>Setup>Settings.



Enable Merge Screen

This will allow Open Reg Students to be merged with Existing Genesis Students when registering students through Open Reg. All OpenReg data for student will be merged into existing student.

Only allow Open Reg Students to be merged with Genesis Students in an INACT School

Disable New Registration Screen 'Parent Account Creation'*

Show 'Format Name' option in contact registration*

This will only affect the contact screen in registration. 'Enable Proper Casing on Fields' in open reg setup will automatically format open reg packages when they are submitted.

Always show streetmap dropdown even if override street name exists*

This will also blank out the override value. The override button has a securable location of 'registration.newstudent.addresses.override'

Display Home Language Survey during Registration

The survey will appear in the Registration after the Family screen portion of registration. Registrars will need to click the "Go to ELL Survey". If the HL Survey has already been filled in by the parent in Open Registration, that completed survey will be shown. You will have the option to reset and reenter the survey if you like. You must be using the new registration screen to use the HL Survey feature.

Use Street Map Screen

Update student's zip code from school's zip

Require 'US Entry Date' if Country of Birth is not United States

Require Birth City and State if Country of Birth is United States

Require 'Next' fields when school is Preregistration

Please note: this will also include "Next Homeroom" and "Next Counselor" fields, as well as the "Next School" and "Next Grade" fields.

Require just 'Next School/Grade' fields when school is Preregistration
This option will ONLY require "Next School" and "Next Grade" fields.
Do not pre-fill 'High School Entry Date' field on Registration using previous school start dates

Do not auto update Resident District and School Code when choosing School

Show 'Calculate' tool for 'Class Of'

Require next school on student withdrawal

You can also set a "minimum age requirement for each grade level.

When submitting student information in the first part of registration, it will warn the user if student does not meet the minimum age requirement but will still allow them to submit if they click ok.

Set Visible/Required Fields

Fields can be set as Required or visible on the Registration>Setup>Set Visible/Required Fields screen.

The required and visible checkboxes at the top toggle it for every field. You can also set "default" values for certain fields.

Some sections include:




First Name*, Middle Name, Last Name*, Suffix, Nick Name


Attending District, Resident CDS, Municipality

To set a "Default" Resident CDS, 'Do not auto update Resident District and School Code when choosing School' must be selected on the Registration>Setup>Settings tab for resident defaults to work correctly


Birth Date*, Refuse Birthplace info release, Birth City, Birth State, Birth Country, Birth Gender*, First Name at Birth

Birth City and State will always be required if Birth County is set to United States and 'Refuse Birthplace info release' is not checked. Birth City/State will never be required if Birth Country is not the United States.


Gender, Primary Language, Home Language, Local Immigration Code, First US School, US Entry Date, Race*, Ethnicity*, Disciplinarian

Race and Ethnicity will always be required, however if 'Hispanic or Latino' is selected then the Race will no longer be required during registration.


Registration Date, Student ID, State Student ID, School*, Grade Level*, Session, Home Room, Year of Graduation*, Class Of*, VP, High School Entry Date*, Counselor, Tuition

HS Entry Date will only be required if grade level is 09, 10, 11, or 12.

Home School

Home School, Home School Reason


Career, Shared Time, Vocational Ed District, Vocational School Code

Special Education

Spec Ed*, Self Contained


Program Type Code*, Entry Code*, Vocational School Code

Previous School

Prior School CDS, Prior School Grade, Prior School School Year, Prior School Note


Next School, Next Grade, Next HR, Next Counselor

Note: if you also have "Require 'Next' fields when school is Preregistration" set via Registration>Setup>Settings, it will make all next year fields required (including HR and counselor etc.)


Registration Note

Categorical Information

504 Student, IRS, Gifted and Talented, AVID Student, Academically Independent Program, Free or Reduced Lunch, Military Connected Indicator, Has Health Insurance?, Health Insurance Provider, Release to NJ Family Care?, Lives in Group/Foster/Resource Home, Bilingual Program, Ability Level, School To Work, Summer School Enrollment, Military Exclusion, Non-Public Student, Retained in Previous School Year, Child of District Employee/BOE Member, In District Placement

User Text and User Flag are also options - They can only have visibility toggled, cannot be made required as they are check boxes.

Certain *Fields are always required, omitting these fields can cause issues with registration.

These fields are:

- SchoolCode
- Birthdate
- BirthGender
- GradeLevel
- CurrentProgramTypeCode
- PccEntryCode
- SpecEd
- Ethnicity
- Race
- AttendingDistrictCode
- FirstName
- LastName
- BirthDate
- ClassOf
- YearOfGraduation
 - HighSchoolEntryDate

Set Layout

You can set the layout via Registration>Setup>Setup Layout.

What this screen can do:

  • Each notecard or section with the 'Prev' and 'Next' arrows on them can be renamed by clicking the pencil or deleted by clicking the trash can. New sections can also be created by clicking next until 'Add Section' text appears.
  • Sections can have sub sections which allow for further grouping of questions, these can also be renamed or deleted by clicking the pencil or trash can icon respectively.
  • Sub sections are where questions are able to be added. Questions cannot be renamed but they can be deleted/added.
  • NOTE - Removing a section or sub section allows you to add any of the questions located in that section/subsection to an existing subsection or to a new one.

The 'Reset to Default' button allows the layout to be set to it's default setup regardless of how many other layouts have been set.

Contact Address Permission

These defaults are taken into account when creating contacts for Registration.

You set this via Registration>Setup>Contact Address Permission.

They are set on the 'Parent/Student Portal Accounts' screen during registration and will set on 'Student Data>Student>Demographic>Contacts' under the 'Can manage contact types' setting.

If multiple guardians live at the same address they will have access to each others permissions by default

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