Open Registration Setup and Settings Screen

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--------------- New / Enhanced
* New setting added to Registration > Open Reg > Setup > Setup and Registration > Open Reg > Setup > Contact
called "Require a valid street name based on the street number provided and the information provided on Setup > Districts > Streets"
- Defaulted to off
- Turning this on will make it so that when users in Open Reg are typing in a house number for any contact addresses, the Street Name select will
be automatically updated to only include valid streets based on that house number provided
- Valid Streets are ones that are between the lowest house # and the highest house # on Setup > Districts > Streets
- If a Street does not have a lowest house # or highest house #, they will always be showed in the list

There are five tabs under the Registration>Open Registration>Setup tab:

  1. General Options - The Registration>Open Registration>Setup>Setup screen
  2. Student - The Registration>Open Registration>Setup>Student screen
  3. Contacts - The Registration>Open Registration>Setup>Contacts screen.
  4. Documents - The Registration>Open Registration>Setup>Documents screen.
  5. Appointments - The Registration>Open Registration>Setup>Appointments screen.


General Options

All  options in this section are found on the Registration>Open Registration>Setup>Setup screen:

General Options

Is open Registration available:

Enable/Disable Open Registration

Override banner name of Open Registration:

Override the banner on the top left of the open registration to have the inputted text

Allow parents to import contacts to open reg

Requires New Registration

Enable Home Language Survey

Check this off to enable the Home Language Survey in Open Reg

Require Home Language Survey

Check this off to require parents submit the Home Language Survey in Open Reg

Enable Proper Casing on Fields

Will force fields to be cased to have the first letter capitalized and the following to be lower case if the field is in all upper or lower case. Will not affect dropdowns

Upper Case all Fields (will override above option)

Will not affect dropdowns

Disable Override Option for Street Map Address

These are options for setting the various messages that appear in Open Registration


These fields allow you to set messages for users

Open Reg Not Available Message


Welcome Screen Message



Students Tab Message



Addresses/Contacts Tab Message 1


Addresses/Contacts Tab Message 2 (after primary guardian is submitted)


Confirmation Page - Print PDF Message


Completed Registration Email Macros

Please place macros in the following format: <MACRO_NAME>

These macros can be used to generate information you might need to have in the completed registration email that gets sent when a student has been fully registered in Genesis.

District Fields


Sample Output



Genesis Board of Education


This is the email address of the Parent Access Administrator. This is also the email address that any email from Parent Access to the parents comes from.


District Email Address


District Phone Number


District Address

School Fields (Student's Current School)




School Code


School Name


School Phone Number


School Email Address


School Address


School Principal Name


School Principal Phone Number


School Principal Email

Student Fields




Student ID


Student Name


Student Grade Level


Student First Name


Student Last Name

Staff Fields

EX: <STAFF_NAME_1234> will grab the staff's name who has ID of 1234.




Staff Name


Staff Phone Number


Staff Email Address

Staff Fields for different schools

Staff fields can conditionally be shown based on the student's school. 

EX: <STAFF_NAME_1234_2002> will grab the staff's name who has ID of 1234 and will only show if the student goes to a school with school code 2002. If the student doesn't go to that school, <STAFF_NAME_1234_2002> will be removed from the text.

A good use for this is saying "<STAFF_NAME_1234_2002><STAFF_NAME_1234_2003><STAFF_NAME_1234_2004> is the staff member to contact if you have questions." This will only show the staff whose school code entered in the macro is the same as the student's school code.




Staff Name


Staff Phone Number


Staff Email Address


For Each Student Fields

These macros are displayed in a block for each student attached to the parent user account.

Here is an example of how to display a block for text for each student:

The following is information for each of the students:
     First Name: <E_STUDENT_FIRST_NAME>

     Last Name: <E_STUDENT_LAST_NAME>


These macros will only work within a <START_FOR_EACH_STUDENT> ... <END_FOR_EACH_STUDENT> block


Sample Output




Student ID



First name of student



Last name of student


Zinn, Chris

Last name, First name of student


Chris Zinn

First name Last name of student




Student's School's URL


Student's School's Address


Student's School's Principal Name


Student's School's Principal Phone Number


Student's School's Principal Email

These are options for the questions in the 'Student Default' area in Registration>Open Registration>Setup>Setup

Student Defaults

School years to be used in Open Registration

When student information is being inputted it determines what school years are available in the 'School Year' question

Career Prompt (HTML supported):

Career prompt allows you to change the text of the question

Default Municipality:

Sets a default municipality when people are inputting student information into open registration

Add Gender Preference Question

When this option is checked, it adds a question to Open Registration for a students gender preference (the options are taken from the gender preference generic code table in Setup>Codes) and it changes the current gender question to say 'Birth Sex.'

Include a blank option in the drop down list (Cannot have blank option and be required on Student tab above)

Select School Drop down list options

Decides what schools can be selected for students who are registering

Grade Level that will appear

Decides which grade levels can be selected for registering students

These are options in the Address/Contact area in Registration>Open Registration>Setup>Setup

Default Contact Fields

Default City

Allows you to set a default city for the contacts that auto-inputs the data when the form is opened

Default Zip Code

Allows you to set a default zip code for the contacts that auto-inputs the data when the form is opened

Prefix for Contacts

Adds ability to add a prefix for contacts, i.e Mr, Ms, Mrs, etc.

Require Guardian 1 Email

Require at least One Emergency Contact 

Require at least One Other Contact

Prompt user for second guardian

These are options in the Open Reg Barcode Forms area in Registration>Open Registration>Setup>Setup

Open Reg Barcode Form

Remove 'Desired' from 'Desired School'

These are options in the Open Reg Parent Login Settings area in Registration>Open Registration>Setup>Setup

Open Registration Parent Login Settings

These settings affect the ability for parents to create accounts/submit information

Allow Logins to Open Registration

Allows users to create accounts in the 'Review and Submit' tab

Allows users to login from the main open registration screen to continue filling out information

Allow submissions to open reg if login is enabled and required fields are not completed

Allows users to submit incomplete information if they also create an account to complete it at a later time


Open Registration Student Tab Setup

These options are found on the Registration>Open Registration>Setup>Student screen.

This tab is where you can set questions are required/visible as well as set the sequence for groups of questions and change the order that they appear on open registration

Open Registration Contact Setup

The Registration>Open Reg>Setup>Contacts screen allows you to set a few options for contact info as well.

Open Registration Document Setup

We added ability to enable document uploads to open registration. You can enable/disable this feature via Registration>Open Reg>Setup>Documents.

You can create a document by setting up a document requirement with the type, year, name, description, and whether or not it is required in open registration.

After submitting this, you can edit/delete these document requirements on the same page.

These documents can be reviewed from within genesis before registering the student.

When a student is registered with documents, they will automatically be placed under the documents tab in Student Data>Modify Student>Documents.

Open Registration Appointment Setup

You can now allow parents to book appointments during the Open Registration process and the settings to enable it/disable it are found via Registration>Open Reg>Setup>Appointments.

Other options:

  • Can require that parents select an appointment in order to submit (optional.)
  • Allow parents to select which location to use. This is useful for multiple locations for the same school/grade level where parents can choose what is closest to them.  
    • By default if there are multiple appointments the system will select the first available one
  • Set screen message within open reg in the "Appointment Screen Message" field. Text below will appear on the top of the page in Open Registration when parents view the appointments page.
  • Appointment Selection 
    • 1 appointment per package - Default option, can only be used if there is one location
    • 1 appointment per location - Groups students by grade/school in open reg and appointments will be chosen/assigned to these groups
    • 1 appointment per student - Parents will choose an appointment for each student. Can choose the same appointment for all students in package.
  • Appointment Restrictions
    • Only allow Appointments for students registering for the selected school year - This will make it so Open Reg. students can only create Appointments if they are registering for the selected school year
    • Only allow Appointments for the following schools (Blank for All) - This will make it so Open Reg. students can only create Appointments if they are registering for one of the selected schools
    • Only allow Appointments for the following grade levels (Blank for All) - This will make it so Open Reg. students can only create Appointments if they are registering for one of the selected grade levels

New Option

--------------- New / Enhanced | 3/31/20

As many districts are struggling to complete on-site Registration due to the current state of 'Social Distancing' we have added some new features to Open Registration to help out with the process.

You may now email out username and passwords for 'Parental Open Reg Accounts' that allow parents to log back into their already submitted Open Reg packages and submit further information you may still require.

This might include documents (like Proof of Residency), custom questions or to collect new appointment times. (this does not apply to packages that have already been registered)

In order to do so, you must first enable the 'Allow Logins to Open Registration' setting from Registration>Open Reg.>Setup>Setup page.

To send out emails, first search for the Open Reg packages you wish to send communications to. You can take advantage of existing and new search filters including 'Package Status' and 'Document Status' to find packages that do not have all of your required information within.

This would include any new requirements you may have added since the package was submitted.

Check off all of the packages you wish to communicate with and click the 'Email Open Reg Packages' button.

This will pop up a new window with the following options:

  • Create Open Reg Accounts - This will create a username and password for the parent to log into Open Registration allowing them to update their existing Open Reg package. The username and password will be automatically added to the email body. User names will be set as the first guardian email address found in the open reg package. Users with a current Open Reg username and password will not have a new account created for them unless you use the following option.
  • Reset Open Reg Accounts - In case the user already has a username and password, you may check this off to create a new account to the parent to log in with.
  • Reply To - Optionally, the user may fill in a Reply To email address for the outgoing email. If parents reply to the email they receive, their emails will be sent to this address. Emails will be sent from the 'Parent Access From Address' found in Core>Email>Setup.
  • Subject and Body Text - This will be the subject line and body of the email that is sent.

All checked off users will receive an email so long as they have an email address listed for one of their Guardian contacts in the open reg package.

You may use the new search filter, 'Has Guardian Email' to find packages with, or without, an email address entered.

If 'Reset Open Reg Accounts' is not checked and the parent already has an Open Reg username and password, a new username and password will not be included in the email. Only the text in the 'Email body' will be included in the sent email.

Once a parent has a username and password, they will be able to enter them into the Open Reg login page to continue with their existing Open Reg package.

They will do so by hitting the 'Continue Previous Registration' button found under the security pictures (which they will ignore).

In addition, we have added a compression algorithm to the Open Reg document upload for JPG images. JPG images are limited to a maximum size of approximately 10 mb (equating to ~1.5 mb when compressed).

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