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How to Create CTE VED Records

CTE/VED data must be created for each student PRIOR to running the NJSMART CTE Collection. 

This can be accomplished in one of three ways.

  1. Populating data in the Students VED/CTE tab.  This can be done by simply navigating to an individual student and clicking on the VEDS tab (Student Data>Modify Student>CTE)
  2. Running "Click here to load default CTE/VED data for students" function from the CTE tab under NJ >NJSmart>CTE
  3. Running any of the Tools in the NJ>NJSmart>CTE tabs

Individual students CTE/VED records can be viewed and edited from the Students VEDS tab.

How does a Student get a CTE VED Record?

Genesis only creates records for students who are currently scheduled into, or have received a passing Final Grade from a course in the current school year that is marked with a CIP code in the schools curriculum.

Students must also be enrolled in a school (with counts in state reporting set to Y) on the last day of school of the reporting year (District End Date).

CTE Default Values

When Genesis creates a CTE/VED record, it populates as much data as it can automatically.  The following is how we determine what values to use.

CTEProgramStatus -This can be defaulted one of two ways.

  • By Grade Level: We default to PART for 9th graders, CONC for 10th and 11th, and COMP for 12th graders.
  • By Courses Completed: Students with a single completed course with a passing FG is PART, two courses with same CIP code is a CONC, and three with the same CIP code a COMP.

       Default behavior is switched via a drop down box on CTE / VEDS tab.

CTEVocSkill - Defaulted to "4 - Not Tested" for students.

CTEVocTestDeveloper - We leave this BLANK by default.

CTEVocTestName - If the student has a CIP CODE value AND has a PASS or FAIL for CTETestSkill, we use this value to cross reference the Test Name.  You may view and edit these cross references from the CTE Test Tab under NJ > Report Extract > CTE / VEDS.  If student does NOT have PASS or FAIL for CTETestSkill, this will be set to BLANK (new 05/13/2010)

SingleParentStatus - We default to N.

CTE College Credits Earned (formerly ProgramOfStudy) - If the student is enrolled in a Program Of Study (TechPrep) course and has earned credits in any course with the CIP associated with this Program Of Study course.

Number of CTE College Credits (formerly ProgramOfStudyCredits) - If the student is enrolled in a Program Of Study (TechPrep) course we add up  earned credits for any courses with the CIP associated with this Program Of Study course.

PostSecondaryInstitution - default to BLANK.


Q:  Why are there no students qualifying as CTE/VED students?

A:  Check to make sure your School Curriculum Courses contain CIP codes where appropriate.  If you have no CIP courses, you will have no CTE students.

Q: My student is or has been enrolled in multiple CIP programs with passing Final Grades; how does Geneis decide which course to include in the collection

A: Genesis will first look at whether the course is a TechPrep course (set in Curriculum). It will first pick the TechPrep course over a non-TechPrep course. If not, the system will then look at which of the courses the student earned the most credits in.

Q: Where do we collect the actual CTE extract?

A: From the NJ>NJSmart>Snapshots screen.

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