CTE Screens

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CTE Extract

You can collect the CTE extract via NJ>NJ Smart.  Click on the floppy disk icon to save the CSV output.

CTE Submission Tools

Tools to update CTE info en masse can be found via NJ>NJSmart>CTE>CTE.

CTE/VED data must be created for each student PRIOR to running the NJSMART CTE Collection.

This can be accomplished in one of three ways.

  1. Populating data in the Students VED/CTE tab. This can be done by simply navigating to an individual student and clicking on the VEDS tab (Student Data>Modify Student>CTE)
  2. Running "Click here to load default CTE/VED data for students" function from the CTE tab under NJ>NJSmart>CTE.
  3. Running any of the Tools in the NJ>NJSmart>CTE tabs

Individual students CTE/VED records can be viewed and edited from the Students VEDS tab.

CTE Tests

On the NJ>NJSmart>CTE>CTE Tests screen, tests can be updated and deleted as needed. Districts will need to review and maintain this screen - as there may be multiple tests under a single CIP.

You can view CTE Program Name, CIP Code, and NJ Smart Code on this screen.

Student's CTE Tab

You can view / modify an individual student's CTE info via Student Data>Modify Student>CTE.

Some fields on this screen:

  • CDS Code Assigned
  • Subject Area/Course Identifier
  • CIP Code
  • CTE Program Status
  • VocSkill
  • VocTestDeveloper
  • VocTestName
  • Ignore Test CIP Code (Check this in order to allow the CIP Code field to be changed even if a test has been selected.)
  • ProgramOfStudy
  • ProgramOfStudentCollegeCredits
  • Single Parent
  • PostSecondaryInstitution
  • IndustryValuedCredential1, IndustryValuedCredential2, IndustryValuedCredential3

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