Getting Started in the NJSmart Tab in Genesis

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NJ SMART in Genesis

What you should know before getting started

Know which students are being analyzed

With each collection, a different set of students may be analyzed. Be sure to understand what students that the current collection is analyzing.

What students is your district responsible for

  • Any student that is a resident of your district
  • Any student that is attending your district from another district that the parents are paying tuition for
  • see the NJ Smart FAQ for more info
  • Reach out to NJSmart with specific questions on placement as well

How do you run these extracts?

  1. Go to NJ>NJ Smart>Snapshots.
  2. For most extracts, you will click "Collect" to run.
  3. If there is no "Collect" button, you will need to click the floppy disk icon, in the "CSV" column, which will collect the extract automatically:

The Process

NJ SMART collects data from your school district periodically.

The basic process is:

  1. Collect data for that collection period. Genesis identifies a collection by its Snapshot date.
  2. Run the error report to identify data that needs to be corrected.
  3. Fix the students that are in error
  4. Return to step 2; until there are no errors left
  5. Download the CSV file from Genesis to your desktop
  6. Submit the file to the NJ SMART portal.

NJ Smart Rule Change Surprises

The rules for the data in NJ SMART change often and sometimes without notice from NJ SMART. Don't be too surprised if your collection in Genesis reported no errors, but then when you send it to the state you receive errors; sometimes for students that were accepted the day before.

If a rule changes, please open a Genesis Support ticket and let the developers know about it.

Genesis will generally program the change and have it available as soon as possible (usually the next day).

Here is the NJ Smart site for all of their posted documentation.

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