CDS Receiving and Attending Codes

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County/District/School Code Receiving

Values will be determined using the following process:

  • Genesis will first check to see if a CDS receiving code override exists on a students NJSmart tab.  If it exists, Genesis will ALWAYS use these codes forgoing the following logic.
  • Genesis will check the CDS Code on the students current Genesis School (The current school is the school that is on the attendance record as of Snapshot date). The CDS code for a school can be found in SETUP > Schools > Modify School.
  • If the Genesis School does not have a CDS code (for example: Out Of District School), and is NOT a Charter, then Genesis will check to see if student has an active IEP with a OOD CDS filled in.
  • If not, Genesis will then use the CDS code on the Student's Genesis Home School.


  • Students who have a Resident District different from that of your Master District in Genesis and who are Special Ed with an Active IEP set to OOD will have their Receiving CDS set to that students Home School as set on the students Demographics page UNLESS Master District district type is set to type REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT.
  • Non Vocational Shared Time Students.  See see FAQ
  • Student sitting in a Genesis setup Non-public school will have their Receiving School set to the Student's Home School (on demographics screen)
  • If a student is Tuition Sent to a School marked as a Preschool Provider (in Setup>State Schools) then Receiving School will be set to the Preschool Provider.
  • Resident District Students who live in a group home (or foster) who are Tuition Sent to an OOD will have the Receiving CDS set to the Tuition Sent school's CDS.
  • Student sent to OOD Vocational in Tuition record will have OOD Vocational set as Receiving School.
  • If student still has no Receiving School or a Receiving School = 000 after above logic applied will use the CDS of the Home School of student.

County/District/School Code Attending

The school the student is attending is determined using the following process:

  • Examine the attendance record as of the snapshot date 
    • If the student is in a Genesis School with a valid CDS code (Setup->Schools) - That is the attending school
    • If the student has an IEP as of the snapshot date; and the IEP has a CDS (Sent OOD) - That becomes the attending school
    • If the student has a tuition tracking record as of the snapshots date; and the record has a CDS - That becomes the attending school
    • If a student is attending an In-County Vocational school full time, the vocational school will be set as the attending school.
    • If a Regional District student's In-District School has a State School Code of 000 assigned in Genesis, students Home School CDS is used instead.

If student has Shared Time Tracking record marked as SENT with the CDS codes filled in, the values from the Shared Time Records CDS will automatically be used for Attending.  Unless student is Shared Time to a non-vocational school.  

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