Scheduling Settings for the Parent Portal

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Additional scheduling-related fields found via Parent Access>Setup>Settings>District Settings

  • Display Homeroom Number and Teacher on summary screen
  • Only show courses that are currently meeting (Home & Gradebook)

Current Year Scheduling

NOTE: This screen controls the students Current Year Schedule, which will only display on the Summary tab for parents/students (the Scheduling tab is only for showing Next Year Scheduling information).




Show Schedule/Grades

This option controls whether the Current Year Schedule is shown on the Summary (Home) Screen within the Portal. This option also controls whether the homeroom number is shown on the Home screen.  If this is set to No, the courses on the Grading screen will also be hidden.

NOTE: This will affect all other tabs on the Portal where current year schedules are displayed (Grading, Gradebook, Course Pages, etc.) except for Next Year Scheduling.

Show Schedule Fields

(Room, Teacher, Period, Days, Notes)

These boxes will toggle the display of these items when viewing the schedule through the parent/student portal.

Room = If checked, will show the classroom number for each course on the schedule

Teacher = If checked, will print the name of the teacher for each class

Period = If checked, the schedule will display the Print Period in which each class takes place

Days = Displays the cycle days or meeting days for each class (ex: MTWRF, ABCD, etc.)

Notes = Displays subsection notes for each class (set on the section within scheduling)

If Yes, Show prior to Start of School? 

(Room and Teacher only)

If checked, the current year schedule will display the Teacher Name and Room Number to the parents/students portal, prior to the start of school.

Schedule Display

(Locker Info, Period Times, Daily Schedule, Cycle Day)

Additional display options for the Current Year Schedule view within Parent-Student Portal.

Locker Info = Displays locker information (Note: see additional district settings for displaying lockers on parent portal)

Period Times (List) = Controls whether times are shown on the List View of student schedules for schools where there are NO rotating periods. Schools with rotating periods cannot show times in the List Schedule

Daily Schedule = If checked, will cause the Summary screen to display a "Daily Schedule" view (schedule for specific date) in addition to the regular "List" view (schedule for the year) Click Here to see an example of this

Period Times (Daily)

Cycle Day (Daily Dates) = Only if Daily Schedule is also checked, this will display the cycle day next to the date for which schedule is being viewed by students or parents. This controls whether the cycle day will be displayed within the daily date band on the Student Summary Screen.

Suppress for students with OPEN fines

(Current and Next Year Schedules)

If a student has an open fine, the Current Year and Next Year Schedules will be hidden from Parents' and Students' view.

Suppress for Lunch Balance

If checked, and student has a certain lunch balance (set on Setup > Districts > Basic Params) Schedules will be hidden from Parents' and Students' view.

Show HR Teacher

This controls whether the student's Homeroom Teacher is being displayed on the Summary screen. 

Show HR/Team

This will display the student's Homeroom and name of Scheduling Team on the Summary screen.

Show Rotation Group

Displays the name of the student's Rotation Group on the student's Summary screen. Click Here for more information on Rotation Groups

Show Counselor Name on Home

Displays the name of the student's counselor on the student's Summary screen.

Print Layout

(All Layouts, List Only, Block/Bell Only)

When parents or students use the Print button on the Summary screen (generates a document with student's schedule) which schedule formats/layouts should be available?

All Layouts = Both the List and the Block/Bell format will be available for printing

List Only = Only the regular List view will be displayed (classes listed vertically by Period or by Semester)

Block/Bell Only = Only display a printout of the student's Block Schedule or Bell Schedule (rotating periods)

Schedule Sort

How would you like to sort the classes on the List view of the student's Schedule? The options are to sort by Period or by Semester

NOTE: This only affects the List view

Next Year Scheduling

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The Next Year Schedule will display on the "Scheduling" tab.



Show Next Grade / School

This option controls whether a student's next year assignment is shown on the Scheduling screens.

Show Requests

This option controls whether a student's request's are shown on the Scheduling screen in the Parents Module.

Show Alternates

Show Recommendations

This option controls whether a student's recommendation's are shown on the Scheduling screen in the Parents Module. Recommendations will only show if 'Show Requests' is checked as well

Show Recs Without Requests

This option controls whether a recommendation should be shown on the Scheduling screen IF there is no request created based on the recommendation.

Show Schedule

This option controls whether a student's schedule for the Next Year is shown on the Scheduling screen.

If Yes, Show Room, Teacher & Per.

This option controls whether a the room, teacher, and period information is shown on a student's schedule for the Next Year on the Scheduling screen.

Show Signature Line on Req. Print Out

This option controls what signature lines are shown on the Request print out from the Scheduling screen. The options are No Signature Lines, Line for Parent and Counselor, Line for Parent, and Line for Counselor.

Disclaimer on Request Print Out

This will appear on the request print out from the student's Scheduling screen.

Sections Text

Each section of the Scheduling screen, Schedule Section Text, Request Section Text, and Recommendation Section Text can have their own text associated with it.

You can change the text using the text boxes below each section. It is good to know that HTML is fully supported in your text.

For instance, if you write the text "Hello <b>World</b>" in the box, the word "World" will come out in bold, as you would expect in HTML.

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