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The Genesis Gradebook features a powerful assignment spreadsheet screen where you can view your assignments in multiple sort orders, by specific categories or even specific units.

On the left hand side of the screen, you will see all the students in your course, while on the right hand side, you will see the assignments that you have given as well as the student's performance on each one.


Here is a breakdown of the Gradebook>Gradebook>Assignments screen's content.

Spreadsheet Header Information

  • Marking Period Tabs - The marking period tabs at the top of the screen are based on when a course meets.  
    • For instance, a S1 course will have MP1 and MP2 tabs while a FY course will have MP1 through MP4. 
    • If a FY course only meets 3 MP's, then you can hide the MP that it does not meet by changing the "Hide MPs where course subsection does not meet" option in the Gradebook's profile. 
    • You can override the text in each tab by changing the "Gradebook Tab Description" field on the Setup>Schools>Modify School>Attendance Cycles screen.
  • Teacher Name - Your user account can have access to different teacher's Gradebooks. This drop down will contain all the teacher's whose Gradebooks you can view.  
    • By switching the teacher, the Course drop down will be updated with the selected teacher's Gradebooks.
  • Course Name - This drop down shows you the Gradebook that you are currently working in. If you switch this field, then the screen will be refreshed with the selected Gradebook's information.
  • Assignment Filter- This contains various different options that will filter the assignments that you are currently viewing on the spreadsheet screen
    • Show Hidden - This field controls whether assignments that are not marked for the Gradebook can be viewed in this spreadsheet. 
  • Quick Links- This contains links to some of the more common used features of the Gradebook, such as: 
    • Add Assignment
    • View Assignments
    • Post Attendance
    • Seating Chart
    • Edit Profile
    • View Email Lists
    • Recalculate Grades
    • Class Statistics
    • Assignment Score Display
    • Maximize Screen
    • There are unique features that are contained in this set of links:
      • Create List - This will create a Student List for you. The default name for the list will be "Class:<Course Code>/<Course Section>" 
      • Export Data - This will create a comma separated list of the Gradebook's assignments, students, and grades that can be imported into Excel OR a Text file.


By default, the active students are ordered alphabetically, followed by a listing of your dropped students, also listed alphabetically.

By clicking on any of the column headers (ID, Name, Group (G), or MP Avg), you will resort the students by that field.

Genesis will keep that sort until you have changed the option or logged out of the Gradebook.

The actual student's who are shown on the screen is configured on the Gradebook Roster screen or on the Student Info screen.

If you do not have any Workgroups defined in your profile, then the Group (G) column will not appear.

The Earned (E) and Attempted (A) points columns are configurable to be shown or not on the Preferences screen.

There are several links here that we should briefly talk about here:



Plus Icon

By clicking on this icon, you will only display the selected student in larger cells.

"H" Column

By clicking on this column, you will highlight the student's entire row. By default, this cell color is green. However, if the student has a parent who has access to the Parents Module, then this cell will be white.

Student ID

If you're school permits you access, you will be brought to the students Address and Contact information.

Student Name

By clicking on a students name, you will be brought into the Gradebook Student Screens inside of the Gradebook.


The Gradebook displays various icons that are appropriate to the student. For instance, if a student has an active IEP, an IEP icon will appear. Other examples of icons are for a medical alert, or 504 designation. You can configure whether the icons are displayed on the Preferences screen inside of your course's profile.

MP Grade

By clicking on the marking period grade, you will be brought to the Grade Breakdown screen inside of the Gradebook's Student Information section.

Update Student's location

Viewing Student Passes in the Gradebook

Teachers can view what passes are currently assigned to their students through Gradebook.

If a student has a pass assigned to them for the current day, in the Gradebook next to the student's name, a PDF icon will appear.

Clicking on the icon will bring up the pass. The PDF icons are highlighted below:


The assignments are sorted in Due Date order by default.

You are able to change this sort order on the Preferences screen or by clicking on the "Sort" options on the bottom right of the screen.

Assignment Headings

The Assignment Heading contains a ton of information for you to view quickly and easily.

By color coding your Categories, and Workgroups, you can see even more. First we'll start with Categories.

If you have changed the color of your category that an assignment is part of, then the assignment header will be made the selected color. In the above example, we chose silver for the background of all quizzes in our Gradebook.

If you were to select a workgroup for a specific assignment, then you would also view the work groups color on the bottom half of the header.

The assignment information that is displayed in the header is the Column Header, Unit Code, Due Date - Day of Week, Actual Due Date, and the points that an assignment is worth.

It is important to note here, that if an assignment has a weight that is not equal to 1, then that value will be displayed next to the points in blue.

Finally, in order to modify an assignment's settings, click on the Assignment's Name.

Assignment Grades

The grades that are displayed on the spreadsheet depend on the Grading Type that you have given the assignment.

If the assignment has a weight that is not 1, then the weight will be displayed to the right of the grade.

Each grade can have a comment associated with it as well.

If the grade has a comment, then a note icon will be next to the grade.

You can put your mouse over the note to view the comments that you made.

By clicking on any of the cells of an assignment, you will be taken to the Grade Assignment screen.

The bottom of each assignment contains a column for the overall class average for the assignment. This percentage will always be in bold.

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