Genmessaging FAQ

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Q: Where is Genmessaging setup?

A: You can set up subscription plans and events via Setup>Genmessaging. And you will need to enable 2 tasks in Core>Scheduler when you’re ready to start utilizing it: The first task is the "GenEvent Daemon". This is what allows Genesis to create any data driven event. The second is the "GenMessage Daemon". This task is what creates the messages based on the subscriptions to the events.

Q: Where would users see the messages/notifications?

A: All incoming messages appear in your Inbox in the Genesis Mailbox. Users will need to be assigned the “genmessage.mailbox” location in order to have access to the Genesis Mailbox.

Q: Can we push an event out to individual users?

A: Yes – you can make specific events available to users by clicking into the “Has Access” column on the Setup>Genmessaging>Events tab. After you make it available to the user, you can then subscribe/unsubscribe to the event via Webdesk>Setup>Genmessaging.

Q: Can new users receive subscription plans we have already set up in the system automatically?

A: They can if you enable the GenSubscription Daemon in Core>Scheduler. For example, if you have a subscription to role 'Teacher', and then you add a new user to that role of ‘Teacher’, the daemon will push the subscription out to them when it runs each day after the role has been added to their logon ID.

Note: if a user unsubscribed from the event but still contains a role that the subscription plan was pushed to, they would receive the plan once the daemon task runs.

Q: We pushed out a Subscription Plan but (This User) did not receive it. Why?

A: You should make sure that user has the role the plan was pushed to. And only users with a staff member marked to represent them will be able to get subscriptions. You can review both these items via Setup>Security>Users>Modify User, in the “Role” area and in the “Staff Assigned” area respectively.

If no users received it, you should also verify the Genmessaging daemons are enabled via Core>Scheduler and that they are running successfully.

Q: Can I review which notifications were sent out to users?

A: Yes, you can do this via Setup>Genmessaging>Analyze.

Q: Can a user unsubscribe from an event and/or modify their settings for an event?

A: Yes, they can via Webdesk>Setup>Genmessaging.

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