Weighted GPAs and Quality Points

Modified on Thu, Apr 20, 2023 at 12:33 PM

When setting up a Weighted GPA you must first simply check off the Weight checkbox on the GPA.


Then, for either a weighted or non weighted GPA, you must select which set of Quality Points to use for the calculation. 

Genesis has three sets of Quality Points; Default, Alpha, and Numeric

Default, Alpha, and Numeric Quality Points

How it works is each Course in Genesis can be configured on how to calculate each set of quality points (Default, Alpha, Numeric).  

When a Grade is posted for that course, quality points are posted for each set (Default, Alpha, Numeric) based on the configuration setup on the course.

When a GPA is calculated, it uses the Quality Point Set (Default, Alpha or Numeric) based on which set you chose in the “Calculate using these quality points” field in the GPA you setup.


So again, first you need setup how you would like the Default (green), Alpha (blue) and Numeric (red) quality points to calculate on your courses.

Scheduling > Curriculum > Modify Course. 

Note:  You do not need to use and setup all three sets.  


When the course is graded, all three sets of QPs are posted to the grade based on this setup.

Default (green), Alpha (blue) and Numeric (red)


When your GPA is run, it will calculate using the set of quality points that you defined in the "Calculate using these quality points" field in the setup of your GPA.  So if you set your "Calculate using these quality points" as Weighted Numeric Grade Quality Points, the GPA would use 104.5 QPs from the grade shown above.  If you chose (default) Weighted Quality Points, the GPA would use the 4.4 QPs from the grade posted above.

Default (green), Alpha (blue) and Numeric (red)



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