Student GPA Screen

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Student GPA tab

You can view / recalculate a student's GPA via Student Data>Modify Student>GPA.

To see the "audit" of the GPA itself (the calculations), click directly on the GPA code.

The Student GPA Record

Inaccurate GPAs 

A student's GPA tab will list all GPA's that have been calculated for a student. As new grades are posted to student records (usually mid-year and in June), these GPA's are likely to become inaccurate, and need to be updated.

This is done by recalculating GPA's for the entire school. If there is an issue with one particular student, then the suggestion is to recalculate the GPA on this screen.  It re-runs the GPA you select for just this student.

At the bottom of the page, use the "Recalculate GPA record" drop-down to select the GPA code you need - and click Go.

NOTE: If you run the CUM or UCUM or other "Sum" GPAs, the GPAs included within it (the various school year GPAs for example) get recalculated as you run that SUM GPA. (The main GPA article is here.)

Updated Date 

If the student's GPA was changed at all by the recalculation, then the "Updated" date will change to today's date. The "Updated" column will tell you the last time that a particular GPA was changed.

This does NOT represent the last time that a GPA was recalculated.

GPA Audit 

If the student's GPA is still inaccurate, you may have to look deeper into that particular GPA record. Click on the name of the GPA in the "GPA Code" column.

This will open up what we call the "GPA Audit" screen.

This next screen will list all grades being included in the GPA record you are auditing:

GPA Formula vs. GPA Record

At the bottom of the GPA Audit screen shown above, there are two GPA values listed, and it is important to know the difference:

GPA Record - This represents the GPA value that Genesis currently has for the student.

GPA Formula - This represents what the student's GPA will be, if the GPA were to be recalculated right now.

NOTE: If the two values are different, than the GPA is most likely inaccurate, and needs to be recalculated.

If the values are different, you should use the "Re-calculate credits, quality points and pass / fail on grades for" tool on this screen to recalculate grade information first for the student.  And then re-run the GPA codes you need using the "Recalculate GPA record" tool.

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