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Genesis allows you to use 5 different sets of grades in the Gradebook.

They are Alpha Grades, Checks, Pass-Fail, Outstanding-Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory (O-S-U) and Preset Points. All of these sets of grades can be configured to give a numerical percentage for an assignment.

For instance, if you set an alpha grade of B to be worth 85%, then a student would receive 8.5 points for an assignment that is worth 10 points. With that being said, let's take a more in depth look at the grades.

Gradebook->Profiles->Grade Values

Alpha Grades

Genesis provides you with your basic A, B, C, D and F grades by default. These are completely configurable by you. If you would like to add an A+ and A-, you can add them right on the screen. Each alpha grade has fields associated with it. Below is the list of fields with there descriptions.

  • From % and Thru % - These fields tell Genesis what grade a student currently has in the Gradebook, based on his calculated numerical average. These go out to the hundredth place, so you can be as precise as you need.
  • Equal % - This is the percentage that the alpha grade is worth.
  • Default Comment - When you post a grade for an assignment, you have the option of providing a comment on the assignment grade. This can be cumbersome if you just want a comment based on the specific grade that you give the student. Genesis provides you with the ability to have a default comment on the alpha grade so that the comment field is automatically filled in when a grade is chosen.
  • Grading Comment Category and Grading Comment - These two fields provide an easy way for you to update your report cards with school defined comments. You can associate these comments with the alpha grade that the student has in your Gradebook so that it will automatically update the comment field when posting your grades. This will be further covered in the Posting Grades section of this manual.
  • Color - You can optionally choose a color to go with a grade that will show up on your Gradebook spreadsheet.

Checks, O-S-U, and Pass-Fail

The checks represent 5 different possible grades, v, v+, v++, v-, and v--. O-S-U grades are Outstanding, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory and Pass-Fail grades are simply Pass and Fail. All these grades have a specific percentage that tells Genesis what percentage the grade represents.

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