Searching Nurse Visits

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Search Visits

The nurse visit Search screen is general purpose 'visits search' screen optimized to show you the students and staff members who are in the nurses' office right now.

You search via Nurses>Visits>Search Visits:

Staff members in the list are identified by the word Staff  before their name.

Students are easily identified by the presence of additional information (Grade, Homeroom, and Sex).  

Default Behavior

By default - without you needing to enter any search criteria - this screen automatically finds all open visits, that is, all individuals (students and staff) whose visit record indicates they are in the nurses' office right now.  

"The nurses' office" means, 'individuals who have had a visit created for them in the currently selected school TODAY'. 

Search Criteria

In order of importance, the search criteria on this screen include:

  • Visit Status - Open or Closed or Both
  • Nurse - A specific nurse or "All Nurses" assigned to the school.
  • Visit Date - A specific date or "the entire school year" when blank.
  • Disposition - What happened to the individual when they left the nurses' office (e.g. 'returned to class', 'went home')
  • Reason - Primary reason the individual came to the nurse.
  • Last Name and First Name - Searching for a specific individual's list of visits
  • DCPP Comments - Student's only - find visits where DCPP comments were included.
  • Visit Type - Student Visits only, Staff Visits only, or, the default:  All Visits (i.e. both students and staff).

Visit Status

The screen is designed to display visit records only for individuals still in the office right now. This is intended as an 'ease of use' feature.

When a Disposition is added to a visit, the visit is 'closed'.  To find closed visits, the "Visit Status" drop down is used.  

There are three options:  "Open", "Closed" and "All Visits" (meaning both open and closed).

Setting this to All Visits provides a list of everyone who has been in the nurses' office for the entire day.

End of Day Visit Log

At the end of the day, to print a summary log of all visits, select "All Visits" as the Visit Status, and click the printer icon button at the top right corner of the screen.  

This prints a list of all visits for the selected date (which defaults to 'today').

Visit Date

The screen always defaults to today. You can select any date, or no date, by using the Visit Date field.  

If you clear the Visit Date field, you will be shown all visits for the entire school year which match the rest of the criteria you have entered.  

If you enter a specific date other than today, the screen remains on that date for the remainder of your Genesis session, or until you change it manually.  

It will not automatically revert to "today" (until the start of your next session).

End of Year Visit Log

To print a summary log of all visits for the school year to date, select "All Visits" as the Visit Status and clear the Visit Date field.  

This brings up a list of all visits for the current school year. Click the printer icon button at the top right corner of the screen to print the list.


You can find all visits which had a specific primary reason and match the rest of the criteria.  

For example, to find all visits for "Asthma" for the school year, clear the Visit Date field and select "Asthma" from the Reason field.

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