Nurse Check In Feature

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The Nurse Check-In screen allows users to quickly log students into Nurse Visits.

This screen allows you to search for any student in your currently selected school, at the top of the screen, by last name or student ID.

Once a student is selected you can pick a reason for the visit and the student will become checked in with an open nurse visit.

From this screen, If you search for a student that is already checked into a nurse visit, you will be given the option to check that student out of the visit. 

  • Like the Attendance Check-In and Turnstile you can utilize bar code scanners to checks students into the Nurse's office from this screen. 
  • The keyboard on this screen is also larger to allow easy use on touch screen computers. 
  • Districts have setup terminal computers in the Nurse's office to allow students to check themselves in.  
    • If you do this we recommend creating a new user in the system with the sole purpose of utilizing this Nurse Check-In screen, so the user does not have access to any other screens in Genesis.
  • All nurse visits created by this check-in screen can be found via Nurses>Visits>Search Visits

Searching and Checking Students In

  1. You can search for and check in students via Nurses>Visits>Student Check In
    1. This is what the screen looks like without any info entered:
    2. Searching by Student ID will pull the one student attached to it:
    3. Searching by last name allows you to pull up multiple students that satisfy your search. This allows you to search by partial spellings, ie: All students whose last name begins with the letters 'da':
  2. Click the 'Check In' button to the right of the student's portrait and info to proceed to the next screen:
  3. Once you've selected your student for Check-In, you will be brought to screen that has a list of your visit reasons on it
  4. Click any of these to complete the Check-In process:


Nurse Check-In options can be edited via: Nurses>Setup>Student Checkin Setup:

These options will only affect the current user you are logged in as.


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