What Happens When a Parent Updates Their E-mail Address and Parent Portal Account?

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This page outlines the process of updating the e-mail address (and parent account) from a parent's perspective. For districts who allow parents to update contact information via the Contacts tab in the Genesis Parent Portal. Parents must be given access to update their e-mail addresses directly. 

Click Here for more information on setting up Contact Management in the Parent Portal. 


The Process

First, the parent must log onto the portal, and visit the Contacts screen:

Note that any e-mail addresses listed will have the parent account icon displayed to the right, if the e-mail address matches that of a parent account:

Parents will select the View Edit button to make changes. Once they update the e-mail address associated with a parent account, the following message appears after clicking Save Contact:

This is referring to any parent account that may have been updated. The following is what the parent sees immediately after logging back into their account.

If the parent changed the account they are currently signed in as, the message will appear right away:

Parents must click Accept Logon ID Change to continue. They will receive a series of confirmation messages:

At this point, the parent is logged out, and the account has now been updated to the new e-mail address. The parent must wait a few moments before receiving an e-mail with their new password. It will be sent to the new e-mail address specified by the parent. The district must have a password reset e-mail template established for this to work. If the parent set themselves to the wrong e-mail address, they must contact the school to have an administrator make the correction. Click Here for more information on configuring parent e-mail templates. 

The parent must log into the parent portal again using the new e-mail address and temporary password. They will be prompted to change their password immediately, as any new parent normally would:



What if I update a parent's e-mail address within Genesis? Will the parent be prompted to login using their new e-mail address?

Yes! After changing an e-mail address within the student's record (not as the parent) the parent can log into the account as usual (with previous e-mail and password). So long as the e-mail address was originally attached to a parent account, they will see the same "Your login has been Changed" message as above, and they will follow the same prompts to log back in using the new e-mail address.

Why can't the parent keep the same password when their account is updated?

Passwords are not actually stored within Genesis, they are 'hashed' for added security. This means that the passwords are scrambled, so we simply cannot "see" the actual password from anywhere in Genesis, and this is the same reason passwords cannot be pulled to an e-mail or a report. In addition, the scrambled password includes the username of the account, so any updates to the account name would require the password to be changed anyway. For more information on password security in Genesis, please Read Here.

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