Creating New Parent Portal Accounts

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Currently, there are a few different options available to you to create new Parent Portal accounts en masse.

This is ultimately a district decision but we provide various tools to help you create new logon IDs each year.

Below are your options for creating parent portal accounts.

In order to know which option to use, the district should review/decide:

  • Am I creating/updating just one account?
  • Am I using an excel file to import accounts en masse?
  • Can I utilize the autocreate tool for this?

Creating Individual Accounts via Parent Access>Setup>Users

If you just need to create one or two accounts, you can always easily create them in the Parent Portal module itself.

  1. Go to Parent Access>Setup>Users>Logon IDs.
  2. Click "New User."
  3. A pop up will appear, and it will prompt you to fill in: 
    1. Email Address (Logon ID)
    2. Logon Type
    3. Last Name
    4. First Name
  4. After you enter that info, click "Add User.

  1. You will then be brought to the Parent Access>Setup>Users>Modify User screen and you can enter additional info and tie student IDs to the account. 

Creating Individual Accounts via Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Contacts

Again, if you just need to create one or two parent portal accounts, you can use some options found on the guardian contact card within Student Data itself.

  1. Pull up the student in Student Data>Student List>Student Search.
  2. Click on their ID.
  3. Navigate to Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Contacts.
  4. If the guardian has an email address listed on the contact card, there will be a + next to the email:
    1. If the guardian does not have the + sign, click into the contact and add in an email.
    2. If the guardian has a icon, that means there is already a parent portal account tied to this guardian
    3. If the guardian has NO icon, search the student ID via Parent Access>Setup>Users>Logon IDs. There may be a parent portal account created already for the student but the logon ID does NOT match the email address on the Contact card.
  5. Clicking the plus sign will create the parent portal logon ID. You will then see this newly created account in Parent Access>Setup>Users>Logon IDs.

Creating Parent Accounts En Masse Using the AutoCreate Tool

This tool will create parent user accounts en masse.

  1. Navigate to Parent Access>Setup>Users>Autocreate.
    • This tool will create parent/guardian user accounts. This is done by looking at each student in a selection, inspecting each of their guardian contacts, and seeing if the guardian's primary email address is used as the logon ID of a parent user guardian account. If it is not, it will create a parent user account for that guardian. An email can be sent to each created parent user by selecting an Email Template.  This tool will also create missing parent student records; attaching students to existing Parent Accounts.
    • Review the options and check off all that applies.
  2. Run the tool in SIMULATION MODE first to review what changes will be made in the system.
  3. When ready to run, uncheck "simulation" mode and click "Create.

Creating Parent Portal Accounts Using an Excel File

  1. Navigate to Parent Access>Setup>Users>Import

  1. Review the information listed on the top import and create an excel file with the proper headers.  
    • It is up to the district to create this Excel file with all the appropriate/relevant info (such as LOGONID, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, USER_TYPE etc.)
    • To create Parent/Guardian accounts, the USER_TYPE column = GUARDIAN (To create Student accounts, the USER_TYPE column = STUDENT.)
  2. When your excel is ready, click "Choose File" and locate the excel file on your desktop/computer.
  3. Click "Upload File."
  4. You will see a LOG to show you what was imported and what skipped.
  5. Then you may review the 2nd import on the screen - this import ties student IDs to the newly created parent accounts. Essentially, this  2nd import updates the "Students attached to this account" area of the parent portal accounts.
  6. When your 2nd excel is ready, click "Choose File" and locate that excel on your computer.
  7. Click "Upload File."
  8. You will again see a LOG showing you what was added, updated, and skipped.

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