Portal Page Administration

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Portal Page Lists and Management

The Setup>Schools>School Parameters>Portal Pages screen is a combination setup & monitoring/status screen.

The screen allows you to see the status of all existing Portal Pages and Course Pages and allows you to create/delete and assign editors for Portal pages:



Creating Portal Pages

School, Counselor, Sports and User Flag Portal Pages are created on this Setup>Schools>School Parameters>Portal Pages screen. Course Pages are generated automatically from the school's Master Class Schedule. One Course Page is created for every course section: a Course Page will be created for each entry in the CourseSection table, and all teachers assigned to the CourseSection via entries in the CourseSubsection table will have access to it.

All School, User Flag, Counselor and Sports Portal Pages must be manually created on the Setup>Schools>School Parameters>Portal Pages screen and editors for the School, User Flags and Sports Portal Pages can be assigned here.  Counselor Portal Pages can be edited by the Counselor via their WebDesk>Portal Pages screen.

This brings up the "Add a Portal Page":

Create a Portal Page

To create a Portal Page, click the button on the Setup>Schools>School Parameters>Portal Pages screen.

Select which of the four types of Portal Pages you wish to create and click  page.

Create a School Page

You can create a "School Page" for the school the screen is currently set to in the screen header.

When you do the for a "School Page", a Portal Page is immediately created for the school selected in the screen header:


If the school already has an existing Portal Page an error is displayed;

All this means is that a School can only have a single "School" Portal Page.  

To create Portal Pages for additional schools, you must switch the School displayed in the screen header - and then create the Portal Page.

Setting the Editors

Once you create a School Portal Page, you must set the staff members who will be allowed to edit the school's page:

To do this, click the "Update Editors" button.  When you do this, the "Select Editors" dialog is displayed:

You can select up to 3 editors.  They will all have access to the page via their Webdesk>Portal Pages screen.

Create a Counselor Page

To create a Portal Page for a Counselor, select "Counselor Page" on the Add Portal Page dialog:

The "Select a Counselor" drop down will have all staff members marked as "Counselor" and assigned to the School currently selected in the screen header.  Counselors assigned to other schools are not included in the list.

Before clicking , you must select a specific counselor:

Once a counselor is selected, click to create the Portal Page.

The list of existing Counselor Pages for the school selected in the screen header will be displayed immediately:

Counselors edit their own Portal Page.  To let anyone else edit it, the person must be linked to the Counselor's staff Object (via their Login definition).

If you try to create a Portal Page for a Counselor who already has one, the following message is displayed:

Create a Sports Page

To create a Sports page, select "Sports Page" in the Add Portal Page dialog.  This will bring up two additional questions:  Select a Sport and Select a Level:

Both a Sport and a Level must be selected before you click :

When you click  the Sports/Level Portal Page is immediately created and all existing Sports Portal Pages are displayed in the list:

Sports Portal Pages are always specific to a team, not simply a sport, so you must select a level.  E.g. Varsity.  

 If you try to create a Sport Portal Page without specifying the "level", the following error will occur:

The Sports are configured in the Athletics module.

The Level are pulled from the Sport Participation Levels (SPORTS_LEVELS) Codes table, found on the Setup>Codes screen. A Portal Page can be created for any of the settings in the Sports Participation Levels Codes table, not simply the actual teams (e.g. Did Not Participate).

Setting the Editors

Sports Portal Pages have no predefined editors.  Once you create a Sports Portal Page, you must set the staff members who will be allowed to edit the page.

If you click "Update Editors" the Editors dialog is displayed and you can set or alter the list of up to three staff members who will be able to edit the team's Portal Page:

Create a User Flag Page

You will need to select the specific User Flag prior to clicking . Once you select a User Flag and click , the set of all User Flag Portal Pages is displayed in the list:


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