Getting Started with Portal Pages

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The Portal Pages are pages that can appear in the Genesis Parent and Student Portal for Schools, Counselors, Sports Teams, User Flags or Courses.  These pages allow your staff to get out word to your parents and students quickly and efficiently.  This article will address how to setup, edit and publish your pages.  This article will explain what they are, how to set them up, and who will see them.  For course pages, please refer to the Course Page article.

Click here for the Portal Page Administration article.

Types of Pages



School Page

The School Page is a page for students attending the school.  The school can add multiple staff members as editors to this page, so that anyone designated as an editor can create content.  This page is edited on the Web Desk -> Portal Pages screen.

Counselor Page

The Counselor Pages are displayed for all students who have that staff member listed as their counselor.  Any user who has the counselor selected to represent them can edit the page.  Counselor Pages are edited on the Web Desk -> Portal Pages screen.

Sports Page

Sports Pages are displayed for all students who have that sport on the student’s Athletics screen.  Multiple staff members can be added as editors for the page.  This page is edited on the Web Desk -> Portal Pages screen

User Flag Page

User Flag Pages are displayed for all students who have the specified user flag checked on the student’s User Flags screen.  User Flags can be used to create a set of specific students who will be able to see the user flag's Portal Page (e.g. students in a particular club). Multiple staff members can be added as editors for the page.  This page is edited on the Web Desk -> Portal Pages screen.

Course Page

Course Pages are displayed for all students who are active in the course.  All teachers who are listed as a teacher for the course can edit the content through the Gradebook.  Course pages provide additional options such as automatic post generation, where the staff member can setup the page to post specific content on a designated day and time.  Course Pages can be set to automatically create daily or weekly posts. Refer to the Course Page article for more information.

Setting up Portal Pages

Setup can be done on the Setup -> Schools -> School Parameters -> Portal Pages screen. This screen will display to you all portal pages that exist in your school. You can search by page type, staff members, or department. To add a new Portal Page, click on the “Add Portal Page” button. This opens a window that will walk you through the process of creating the page.

The first question is “What type of page would you like to create?”.  When you select the type of page, this will open new options for you.  For instance, if you select a User Flag Page, a drop down will appear with all the user flags in the school. Select the flag that you would like to create the page for and hit the “Create Page” button at the bottom.

Once you create the page, the screen will come back with all pages of the type that you just created.  If this is a Counselor Page, you are all set. This page is now created and can be edited by users who have that counselor marked as representing them. For you other page types, you still have one last step.

Find the page you just created in the list.  Under the “Editors” column, you will see an “Update Editors” button.  Click this button to open a window containing drop downs of the staff members in your school.  The purpose of this window is to allow you to select the staff members who will be able to add and edit content for this page.  Select the staff members that you want to edit this page, and then hit “Update Editors”.  Users who have the selected staff members representing them will now be able to edit the page from their Web Desk.


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