Create Appointments

Modified on Thu, Apr 20, 2023 at 12:42 PM

Appointment Create

Appointments are created via Registrations>Appointments>Create.

  • Registrar Block will be auto selected if only one exists. If multiple registrar blocks have been created then they can be selected
  • Start time can be selected in 30 min increments
  • Time between appointments adds gaps between appointments, can be 0
  • Appointments per day decides how many appointments will be created
  • Days select which day of the week appointments will be created on
  • Start Date decides what date the appointments start on
  • End Date decides when appointments go up to, not including end date
  • Include Holidays will include/exclude holidays for appointments
  • Appointment conflict is defined as having same date, registrar, and appointment times overlap in any way. 
    • If you want to create 2 or more overlapping appointments, you need to add 2 or more "blocks" in the "Registrar Appointment Blocks" area on the Registration>Appointments>Setup screen. 
    • Then you can create them with identical times/dates etc.


  • Clicking an appointment block will create a 'break' or a time slot where an appointment will not be created. Any number of appointments can be designated as a break and clicking a break will undo.
  • Preview affected by following fields 
    • Start time
    • Time between appointments
    • Appointments per day

  • Can click any day to add or remove appointments for that day
  • Holidays are outlined in red
  • Preview affected by following fields 
    • Days
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Include Holidays


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