Importing the New SAT File Layout

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Importing your latest SAT scores

This section will cover the recommended way for uploading the new SAT layout from CollegeBoard.

More information on interpreting the columns in your score file can be found here on CollegeBoard's website.

What to look for in your file

Key Score Columns:

  • The overall SAT Total score is now in column AU - labeled as "LATEST_SAT_TOAL"  (ex: 1140)
  • The score of the Language section is column AV - labeled as "LATEST_SAT_EBRW"  (ex: 600)
  • The score of the Math section is shown in column AW - labeled as "LATEST_SAT_MATH_SECTION" (ex: 540)

Other Important Data:

When importing your file, it's important to identify specific columns that Genesis will need, to successfully attach score records to the correct students.

  • NAME_LAST  =  student's Last Name
  • NAME_FIRST =  student's First Name
  • BIRTH_DATE  = student's Date of Birth
  • SECONDARY_ID = student's Local or District ID
  • LATEST_ASSESSMENT_DATE = date student was tested to achieve the scores in this file

Steps to Import Scores into Assessments

1. Create a new Assessment

Go to your Assessments>Setup>Assessments list and locate the + Add an Assessment Assessment Definition button.

In the pop-up window, fill out the details as follows, then finish by clicking Add Assessment:

Note: the "Test" and "Year" may later be overwritten by the import, if the Month/Year/Date test taken is included in the file for import.

2. Upload the File

You are now under the Result Files screen within the Assessment record. This is 1 of 2 main pages within the setup of a single Assessment. The Result Files screen is used to upload your score file, as well as indicate what each column represents.

Click  Browse...  to locate the file on your drive. The specific file name will appear in place of No file selected.

Make sure  ο Add a new results file  is selected first, then click  Upload File to save.

If the column headers were recognized properly, they will be listed at the bottom of the screen.

Note: the original copy of the uploaded file will always be available by clicking   to the right of the file name.

3.  Label Columns that contain Student Identifiers

This step will eliminate the message:  (warning)There are not enough columns mapped to identify a student.

We already know our file has First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Local Student Id. The appropriate columns in this list need to be indicated as such. Use Type of Column to select the correct column type:


Note: when mapping columns that contain dates, always use the Option field to indicate the format of the date. For example, if the testing date is formatted as '04-30-15' in the score file, and you indicated 'Date Taken' as the Type of Column, then you would insert 'mm-dd-yy' in the Option field. You may optionally choose to do this for the LATEST_ASSESSMENT_DATE column in your file.

Click Save and proceed to the next step.

4.  Label Columns that contain Score Data

After the student identifier columns have been mapped, the next step is to map the score columns. For each score you want to import, you must give it a storage place. The built-in column types that represent scores are: Language, Reading, Math, Science, Writing, and Exam Grade/Score. Any other columns (without a column type) will be completely ignored by the import. The three main scores on the SAT are the Math section, Language section, and the Total score. Indicate the Type of Column as follows:

Note: for all score or 'extra data' columns, the Map to Score must be filled in. 

You may choose to import other score columns in addition to Language and Math, but all scores must be identified with a Type of Column and a Map to Score column before you proceed any further.

Click Save when finished.

5.  Import Scores

After completing this next step, you will have successfully uploaded the scores onto student records. Click Import Scores from this File to initiate the process.

After a moment, you are then brought to a screen to resolve any issues that may have been found. Warnings to look out for:

(warning)  - This icon indicates the student has more than 1 row in the score file, and there isn't any additional information (ex: test date) to tell the two rows apart.

(error)  - This icon indicates the student already has a record of taking the SAT on their record currently, and so no score will be loaded for them.

To ignore the possible errors, click Validate Student IDs and Save to finalize the import.

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