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Importing Result Files

Where and How do I upload a new assessment?

Basic Steps:

  1. Go to Assessments>Setup>Assessment Templates
  2. If the Assessment Definition does not exist, click "Add an Assessment Definition."
  3. If you see it on the list already, click the blue icon to the right of the definition (such as SAT, PSAT etc) which indicates "Upload New Results File":
  4. On the RESULT FILES tab, upload the result file to Genesis by clicking the "Upload New Results File" button. 
    1. You will be prompted in the pop up to upload a new file or replace current file.
  5. After the file is uploaded, map the relevant columns using the "Type of Column" column and the "Map to Score" column.   
    1. For example, Genesis needs to know which columns in the Result file can identify a student - so you must always map the STUDENT ID column. 
    2. And then you need to map which columns IN your excel to what they are within Genesis (Reading Scores, Math Scores etc.)
    3. Example of how you might start mapping it:
  6. Once you have identified enough columns to identify a student; click the 'Save' button at the bottom of this Result Files tab.
  7. When you think have all of the score columns mapped and configured correctly and have clicked SAVE, click the "Import Scores from Selected File" button on the Result Files tab. The import engine will then try to import all rows into Student Score Records.
  8. After clicking import, you will be brought to a screen that will show you any errors (as in, students who can not be located based on the mapping and the result file.)
  9. At this point, you key in the correct student id and click the Validate Student ids button OR you can check off "Ignore students that cannot be located" and then click "Validate Student IDs and Save" to just continue on with the import.
  10. After you click "Validate Student IDs and Save" - you will see a pop up that indicates how many scores were successfully updated.

Click here for the main article for more in depth information..

Can I import scores for the assessment for a student multiple times?

One score per result file is loaded into a student at a time.  

If you re import the scores from the same result file again; it will override the existing score.

If you have a second import files; and it contains scores from students in a previous file; those scores will override the original scores. 

Why are these students not importing?

We now have an "Error Key" that appears when you get the screen indicating students cannot be located/imported.  

There should be a symbol next to each student, and when you hover over it, it will tell you why they cannot be imported.  

If you want to ignore those students and import the other students, click "Ignore Students that Cannot Be Located" and click "Validate Student IDs and Save."

You'll need to review the students being skipped and possibly review the assessment file you are working with.


  • Student has no score in this file. Check mapping.
  • Student has multiple scores in this file with same key (Assessment Test/Exam/Year/Month).
  • Scores with duplicate keys will NOT be imported.
  • Student already has a score record for this Assessment in the system
  • Students may only have ONE score per Test Name, Exam Name, Assessment Year, Assessment Month. Score will be skipped.
  • Student has an invalid value in one of their columns.

Teachers can not save scores to an Assessment Dataview in Gradebook

Cell needs to be tied to a score. Verify that the cell in question is tied to one.

When you add a cell and get to the modify screen, you need to add a score column here where you will be saving the score.

Can we display Assessments on the Parent Portal?

Yes.  You would need to modify the assessment - and on the Assessments>Setup>Modify Assessment screen, there is a "Show in Parents Module" as well as a "Parents Tab?" column that you can check off for the specific score.

Additionally, review the parent roles the parent portal accounts have.  You will need to modify the Role (Parent Access>Setup>Roles) and check off "Assessments"  if it is not checked off already.  That gives the parent account the actual Assessments tab.

A student has an assessment but it's not appear in Student Data>Graduation even though it qualified. Why?

Check the mapping via Assessments>Graduation.  Mapping is set based on the "Class Of" the student is tied to - so be sure to change the "Class of" dropdown on the Assessments>Graduation screen to see if mapping was set up for that specific year. Please see below for additional information.

How do we set up and map our Graduation Requirements?

In order for Genesis to determine if a student has fulfilled the requirement, your district must:

  1.  Enter student assessment scores into the Genesis Assessment module
  2.  Map the state defined assessments to an assessment in Genesis from the Map Test screen under Assessments > Graduation.

You do this via Assessments>Graduation. Graduation Requirements must be maintained and updated by the district.

Elements of these requirements differ district to district so they are not updated by Genesis.

You can update these by Class Of. You can also recalc student graduation requirement scores on this tab as well.

Can we upload ISR's (student Individual Score Reports) into Genesis?

Districts may receive scores for certain assessments as documents, each summarizing a different student's progress on the assessment. They will typically be one or two pages per student, but will likely contain all pages within one pdf file. The large pdf file cannot be imported into Genesis, it must first be split into separate files, so each student's ISR is its own saved pdf file. The filenames must be stored as the student's ID (local or state) in order to be able to bulk-upload them into Genesis. More information on this can be found here: One Time Document Upload

Unfortunately, Genesis is not capable of splitting your pdf into separate files. However, customers in the Genesis User's Group have reported they were able to do so using Adobe Acrobat. 

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