Assessment Proficiency Scale

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You can create proficiency scales for assessments to help you determine if students have met or did not meet the passing scores.

To do so, go to Assessments>Setup>Proficiency.

This screen will display any proficiency scales that you have already created. To add a new one, click Add Proficiency Level Set

You will need to fill in a code and description. There is also the option to make the new proficiency scale the same as an existing one. If you would like to make the new scale the same as another scale, you can click on the Same As dropdown to select a proficiency scale that you would like this new scale to duplicate.

You will then be brought to the Modify Scale screen. Here is where you can set a proficiency level (score range) that is considered passing for this scale. Enter a From Score and a Thru Score to do so. Then enter a description.

For each proficiency level, you can add a color to it so that when you go to a student's Assessments tab, you can see at a quick glance whether or not they have a passing score. You can add a background color, text color or both.

Note about colors:

The format for colors for now is #RRGGBB Where RR = red, GG =green, BB = blue. Each is a 2 digit Hex # from 00 - FF
Red: #FF0000
Yellow: #FFFF00
Green: #00FF00

To add a background or text color, click on the color square underneath the Background Color/Text Color columns

Once you click on it, you can click on a color to the right of the big color square to change the color. You can then move the little white circle down to make the color darker or move it up to make it brighter.

Make sure to save your changes when you are finished. After you save, you can then add the proficiency scale to an assessment template under Assessments>Setup>Assessment Templates>Modify Assessment:

Once that is added and saved, you can then view a student's Assessments tab and see the colors from the proficiency scale reflected on the student's assessment scores:

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