Student Letter Link Examples

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It is usually a good idea to start any letter using the StudentContact2Summary object as shown below. This gives you access to the primary contacts for a student.

You will see below that we use the StudentContact2Summary to link in the address for the Guardian 1.

You always link the StudentContact2Summary address choice (in this case guardian1AddressId) to the "objectid" of the Address2.

In the Query below, it is linked to the StudentFee table.  That means that, in your Student Letter, you can now pull Fee macros into the letter itself.

If you want your letter to pull macros from different data tables, it needs to be linked on the Query.

For example, if you wanted to pull from a Student's User Flag, you would need to "Add an Object" of StudentUserFlag and link it to a table already on the query.

That will allow additional User Flag macros to appear in the macro builder:

And you can then pull it into your text:

With this example of User Flags, you would need to add a FILTER onto the Query, so it knows which User Flag Code to actually pull from on the letter.

Example below:

Here is an example of a letter pulling from SCHEDULE information for a kid.

Add a link to the StudentScheduleCourse table. In my example, I'm filtering it on a Course Code of MUSIC:

That then allows the macro builder to display different student scheduling macros:

For example, I created a generic text and pulled in the Course Code and Course Section macros.  So, the letter is now build to just display the Music Course Code and section for students:

Here is what the sample Music letter would look like:

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