Generating Student Letters

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Generating Letters

The Student Data>Letters>Print Letters screen allows you to generate and store student letters from a pre-existing letter template.

Simply select a letter template from the drop down list, choose a date for the letter and then click on the create button.

Letters are stored in the archive for each school year, school code, student id, address type code, letter template, date the letter was run.

Viewing the letters

The letter viewing system is shown through a series of a three panes.

  1. The far left pane shows all of the Letter Templates in the system.
  2. The middle pane shows the dates that letters were created for a selected letter template. 
  3. The far right pane shows each individual letter that was generated in the system.

To view all of the letters generated on a date in one PDF, click on the PDF icon next to the date you would like to see the letters for.

To view a single letter sent to a student/address, click on the PDF icon next to the student and address.

Viewing the letters from the Student Data screen

You can also view the generated letters for an individual student on the Student Data>Modify Data>Letters screen.

For the main Student Letter article, click here.

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