Cycle Days

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A "cycle day" is the code for a school day.  

For example, the usual '5-day daily' cycle days are M T W R F for "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday" and "Friday".

Cycle Days can be:

  • 5 Day Daily: Monday (M), Tuesday (T), Wednesday (W), Thursday (R), and Friday (F)
  • Alpha:  Cycle Days A to O:  Up to 15 cycle days named, sequentially A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M,  N, O 
    • Alpha goes up to '26'
    • Sample cycles: 
      • 2 day: A, B days
      • 3 day: A, B, C days
      • 4 day: A, B, C, D days
    • Day "names" cannot be skipped:  For example, a A, B, F, G cycle is not legal
    • "Extra Day" names can be used for Alternate Bell Period Days (See Bell Periods).  For example, in a 4 day Alpha (A, B, C, D) cycle, days E, F, etc., can be used for alternate schedule cycles (e.g. Early Dismissal or Delayed Open days)
  • Numeric:  Cycle Days 1 to 10:  Up to 10 numerically named days can be used. 
    • Sample Cycles: 
      • 3 day Numeric:  1, 2, 3
      • 5 day Numeric:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    • As with Alpha schedule cycles, day 'names' cannot be skipped: a 1, 2, 4, 5 cycle is not valid.

Example of Cycle Days laid out on a school's calendar:

The Schedule Cycle is set on a school-by-school basis:

  • The school's Schedule Cycle is set on the Setup>Schools>School Parameters>Scheduling screen.
  • There is no district-wide Schedule Cycle setting.

What are Cycle Days Used for?

Cycle days are used for the following:

  • Determining which days a course section meets
  • Determining the which periods meet on a given day
  • Determining which course sections can take Class Attendance on a given day.  Only course sections that meet on a day can take Class Attendance on that day.
  • Allowing teachers to enter lesson plans on that date.

Tasks Related to Cycle Days

  1. Selecting the Schedule Cycle for a school
  2. Laying Cycle Days out on the School Calendar
  3. Specifying the "Cycle Day" for a single day.

Adjusting Cycle Days

There are a few ways to adjust the Cycle Days for your School Calendar:

  • Change the Cycle Day for a single date
  • Adjust all School Days from a chosen date forward/backward.

Adjusting the Cycle Day for a Single Calendar Date

Step 1: Go to the Calendar>School screen. Then select the School you are working on from the drop down.

Step 2: When looking at the School's Calendar, click on the corresponding box of the Date you are adjusting. This can be any day during the Selected School's start and end dates.

This will bring you to a new screen, which represents only one Calendar Day for one School. Changing information here will only affect one date.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate Cycle Day for the selected School Day.

Step 4: Optionally set the Cycle Day2 if your school has configured a second Cycle Day scheme.

Step 5: Click Save Calendar Day to confirm changes.

Adjusting Multiple Dates for One or More Schools

This procedure will allow you to adjust all Cycle Days, starting on a chosen Date, for the remainder of the School Year.

Go to the Calendar>Setup screen, where you will find the tool: Adjust Cycle Days

Adjust Cycle Days Starting on this Date: This is the first day your Cycle Day Adjustment starts on. The same adjustment will be made to all School Days of selected school(s) from this Date, up until the last day of the School Year. If you are adjusting Cycle Days due to a Snow Day or other Closure, this date should be the first day the students return to school.

School: Select the school that the Cycle Days adjustment will take affect on.

Direction: This option will determine the direction of the adjustment for each day. If Adjust Cycle Forward is chosen, the tool will adjust every school day Forward in the Cycle Sequence, by X amount of days.

In this example, we are starting the adjustment on the 18th. If the 18th is currently an 'A' Day, this tool will turn the 18th into a 'B' Day, since we are adjusting forward by 1 day.

If the 19th is currently a 'B' Day, it will turn into a 'C' Day. Each day will assume the next Cycle Day in the sequence, and so on, according to the above configuration.

Cycle Day Order: Select the Current sequence order of your Cycle Days. Are the days labeled A, B, C, and D? Or D, C, B, then A?

Days to Adjust: This indicates how many days you would like to adjust. In the above example, we selected 1 Day. Adjusting the days Forward using 2 Days will turn an 'A' Day into a 'C' Day.

Click "Adjust Cycle Days" to perform the change.

Had a snow day? If you had a snow day or an emergency closing, it may be necessary to shift all your cycle days forward one day, for example. This will not happen automatically. You will have to do this using the "Adjust Cycle Days" tool on Calendar>Setup 

Teacher has a grey box for today in Lesson Planner? If a teacher cannot enter lesson plans on a certain date, check to make sure a cycle day is applied to it on the school's calendar.  It is likely missing.

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