Calendar Screens

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Calendar Screens

This page lists all of the screens in the Calendar module and specifies what functions can be done on each.

The Calendar Module has three second level "Category" tabs:

  • District
  • School
  • Setup



There are two screens beneath the Calendar>District tab:

District > Calendar

  • This displays the District Calendar

    District > Calendar Setup 

  • This is where District Calendar Events are created, changed and deleted.


Screens beneath the Calendar > School tab:

School > Calendar 

Display of the School Calendar for the current school year

What do these totals represent?

Calendar EntriesTotal calendar days of the year, based on the school year dates. For example, if the school year is 9/5/2024--6/24/2025 then this spans a total of 293 days of the year.  
Attendance DailiesTotal number of individual Daily Attendance dates for students. Assuming all students have 180 possible days [# students in school * 180]
Attendance RecordsTotal number of enrollment records in this school. This should add up to
[Total Active Students + Total Inactive Students]
Cycle DaysThe total number of cycle days within the school year. This number should match the number in the School Days total.
School DaysThe school day of today's date out of the total possible days in the school year. If today's date is the first day of school, this will display as:
School Days: Today is day 1 out of 180
Cycle ConfigurationIndicates this school's cycle day pattern.
Example 1: A school with A-B-C-D cycle days will display as: alphabetic over 4 days
Example 2: regular (weekly) MTWRF cycle days will display as: daily over 5 days

School > Calendar Setup

This is where School Calendar Events are created, changed and deleted. Click New Event to add a new school holiday.

NOTE:  Only for adding holidays or events that apply to this school only.  To add/manage district holidays, visit this screen instead: Calendar > District > Calendar Setup


Most Calendar maintenance functions are located on the Calendar>Setup tab:

  • Initialize Student Attendance Records - Create students' Attendance Records for the School Year.  This must be done once before school starts.
  • Reconcile Attendance Records - This must be done any time the School Calendar is changed.  It brings students' Attendance Records in line with the updated Calendar.
  • Adjust Cycle Days forward or backward - This adjusts Schedule Days (E.g. ABCD or 1234) on a School's Calendar.
  • Adjust School End Date - This adjusts a School's last day of school in the Spring.


You can now toggle between the Yearly and Month calendar view for schools via Calendar>School>Calendar.



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