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Calendar Overview

The Web Desk Calendar allows staff to see conferences, registration appointments, school, and district events as well as events for sports and clubs that they coach or administer.  

The calendar also has an optional Google interface which integrates the Genesis Calendar with your staff’s Google calendars.

Genesis Calendar Setup

The calendar is tied to the user and works with the staff members who are tied to that user.  All users must have a staff member marked to “represent” them.  

This can be done from the Web Desk> Setup>Staff to User screen.  This screen will show you all staff members that have been tied to your user.  

If no staff are marked to “Represent” the user, check off the staff member that is the same as the user.

Users can also have access to other staff members for conferences.  

If there are any staff that the user should have access to conference schedules for, check the checkbox under the “Access” column to give them access to that staff members conferences.

Once you have a staff member selected to represent the user, the user is now ready to use the calendar.

Calendar Types

There are different types of calendars that can be displayed in the Web Desk depending on the staff members’ jobs within the school.  

All staff members have a personal calendar, but some staff will also have athletic calendars or registration appointment calendar as well.  

Here’s a summary of the calendars in the Web Desk.

Personal Calendar

A user’s personal calendar displays all events created for the Personal Calendar as well as conferences that have the staff member attached to them.  This calendar will be available to all users using the Web Desk.

Both events and conferences can be added to this calendar.  An event that is created for this calendar will only be available to the user who creates the event.  A conference can be created for the user and allows them to invite other staff or students.

Registration Appointment Calendar

The registration calendar displays all registration appointments created through the registration system. This calendar is automatically created for users who have been added as a registrar.  Each registrar will have their own calendar. 


The appointments seen on this calendar are created with the Registration module and cannot be created from the Web Desk.  The existing appointments will have a link on the calendar for the registrar to edit the appointments within the Registration module.

Team Sport Calendar

Each sports team will receive their calendar which can record events for that team.  Each team within a sport will have their own calendar, meaning the Varsity Baseball team will have a separate calendar than the Junior Varsity Baseball team.  All coaches and students on the rosters of the teams will automatically be given access to the team’s calendar.

Events can be created by the coaches or administrators of the team that will be viewed by all users with access to the team.

District/School Calendar

The district and school calendars will also be shown in the Web Desk so users will see the events scheduled by the district and school (Holidays, Events, etc.).  

Events for the District or School Calendar cannot be created in the Web Desk.  Those events are created within the Calendar module.

Google Calendar

The google calendar displays items that have been created in Google but do not exist in Genesis.  These items cannot be edited in Genesis.  Each google event will have a link back to the user’s calendar in Google so that the user can update the event directly in Google.

Calendar Display

The Web Desk calendar displays three different types of items: events, conferences, and registration appointments.  


Calendar Events can be created for the Personal Calendar or the Athletics calendar.  Events created within the personal calendar are only seen by the user and cannot be seen by other users.

Events created within an Athletic Calendar can only be viewed by students on the team's roster or by coaches/administrators of the team.  

Adding and editing events can be done directly from the calendar.

Every event in the system must be given an event type.  Genesis provides you with a list of default event types for the calendar types, but you can customize the types for each calendar type.  For instance, the type of events for your personal calendar may be different from the event types for a team calendar.

Types of Events

You can update the event types for each calendar on the Calendar>District>Calendar Setup>Event Types screen.  When you create a new type, simply check the check boxes for the calendar type that you would like this to appear for.


Conferences are viewed within each staff member’s personal calendar.  Conferences where the user’s staff is marked in the “Appointment With” field or where the staff member has been added to conference as an additional attendee will be shown.  

By clicking the gear icon next to the Personal Calendar in the My Calendars sidebar, users can control what conferences they see.  Users can filter the displayed conferences by school, staff member (both the staff that represent the user and staff who the user has access to are displayed) or by conference status (Available, Scheduled, etc.).

When clicking the “Add Conference” link or clicking on an existing conference, the user will be brough to the Add/Edit Conference screen to create or make changes.

Registration Appointments

Registration Appointments are shown when the appointment has the users representative staff member listed as the registrar.  

These appointments cannot be created or edited directly on the calendar screen.  Instead, a link is shown for the appointment which will bring the user to Appointments screen under the Registration module.

Google Integration

Genesis events, conferences and appointments can all be synced to Google so that your staff can also view the data within Google.  This all happens automatically for your users so that no additional steps need to be taken once this interface has been set up.

Users who coach sport teams or serve as registrars will be attached to those calendars in Google, so they will immediately appear for the users.  Changes made in Google will not be synced back to Genesis, but the Genesis Calendar will show that there is a discrepancy between the event in Google and in Genesis.

Events that have been created in Google will be displayed under the Google calendar type in Web Desk. These cannot be changed in Genesis so all changes for these events must be made in Google.

See the Google Calendar article for more information.


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