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Q: What is Webdesk? Should I be using it?

A: Webdesk is a Personal Dashboard and Calendaring tool within Genesis. You can add, view, modify conferences on the Webdesk>Calendar screen. You can set up a 'dashboard' that displays 'data peeps' such as: "My Scheduled Appointments," "My Open Conduct Incidents," "My students who are absent today," and/or "My Favorite Reports." There are many more to select from - and they're based off of your "staff identity."

So, for example, a staff member marked as a "disciplinarian" will have access to the CONDUCT peeps but maybe not the "College Acceptance" peep.

Once you've checked off different data peeps, you can go to Webdesk>Home and see all of them in one place, with students/reports that qualify. The screen will update automatically as the day goes on.

You should look into using it if you'd like to have all of this information readily available in Genesis, in one place, yes!

The WebDesk is your personal Genesis dashboard. You can setup and edit your WebDesk without fear of affecting any other user's WebDesk.

Q: Can I set up Webdesk Data Peeps en masse for my staff members?

We added the ability to mass set User's Data Peeps by role. Users will need the webdesk.home.setup.admin location in order to use the feature.

This is done via Webdesk>Setup>Data Peeps, using the "Setup Users" button.

When you click it, you will get a pop up with a tool that will push out your data peep setup to a selected Role. This process will update all users with a selected role.

The setup for your user, --Your Logon-- , will be copied to all users with the selected role.

Student Lists and Watch List Data Peeps attached to student lists will not be copied.

Q: How do I get to my Webdesk dashboard?

If you have security access to the WebDesk, you can get there by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner of any screen.

Q:  Can I see/review/modify specific users' staff-to-user setup administratively?

Yes - if you have the staff IDs tied to your logon ID, you can go to Webdesk>Setup>Staff to User and select their logon in the "Staff Mapping for" dropdown, and then check off the staff ID on the screen to tie them together.

  • Represent - If checked, this staff member will be used to represent this user. This is for teachers. It ties their logon ID to their staff ID.
  • Access - If checked, this user will have full access to the staff members calendar and data peeps. This is an ADMIN feature - this allows you to view a user's Webdesk Calendar etc without tying yourself to their logon with the "represents user" option.


Q: How did this user create conferences for all of these users?  They should not have access.

We have an "admin" securable location of "webdesk.setup.conferences.admin" - make sure this user does NOT have this in one of their roles.  (Sometimes it gets hastily added in.)  

That allows users to mass create conferences for multiple users with the Conference Setup Wizard.

Q: Which securable locations should our users have in their Role?

It depends on the access you want to give.  Below are the securable locations and what they give access to.  

You will probably need to give them the first and second location no matter what, for example.

  • WebDesk.calendar = Personal Appointment Calendar 
  • WebDesk.portal = Personal Dashboard 
  • webdesk.setup = Master Control Location for setting the user's WebDesk Home Dashboard or multiple users' dashbaords
  • webdesk.setup.conferencetracking = Track user's conference sign ups
  • webdesk.setup.conferences.admin  = Mass create conferences for multiple users
  • webdesk.setup.confrerencetracking.admin = Track conference sign ups for multiple users
  • webdesk.setup.home.admin = Administer WebDesk setup for multiple users (not just the current user)
  • webdesk.setup.home.alldatapeeps = Give the user access to view/add/use all "data peeps" for all of the user types

Q: <This data peep> is not available for <this staff identifier.> Is there a way to customize this / grant data peep access to <other staff types>?

Yes - system admins can configure and grant additional access from the Setup>Districts>Webdesk screen.

Check off the staff type for the data peep and any user with a staff member of that type that represents the user will now be able to select that data peep.


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