Student Turnstile Events Screen

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Student Turnstile Events Screen

A record of an individual student's Turnstile Events is available on the student's "Turnstile" screen (Student Data>Student>Turnstile):

This screen lists all of the student's Turnstile Event records for a period of time.  The default is to show all events for the current school year, from the start of the year until 'today'.

Searching for Events

The search criteria are simple:

  • You can select one specific Event, or "All Events"
  • You can select a start date, which defaults to "Start of School" for the current school year
  • You can select an end date, which defaults to "today".


The resulting list gives you:

  • The school code for the school in which the Event was recorded.
  • The date
  • The Event description
  • The Arrival Time
  • The Departure Time, if one was recorded
  • Any Note that was recorded, if one was.

The Events cannot be modified, but they can be deleted.

Deleting Events

Events can be deleted from this screen, if you have permission to do so.

To delete can Event, click the delete trashcan icon corresponding to it.  When you do, you are shown a confirmation dialog:

Click OK to delete the Event record, or Cancel to abandon the operation. When you click OK, the Event record is removed and no further dialog occurs.  There is no UNDO.



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