Turnstile and Gradebook

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Turnstile & Gradebook Integration

  • Current Turnstile Event Indicator: Show students' Turnstile Event indicators - indicate that a student is currently checked into an event.
  • Turnstile Event Summary Dialog:  Display Turnstile Events for all students on a roster when a new Event is received
  • Direct Check-in/Check-out: Allow teachers to directly place students in an Event or remove students from an Event

Show Students' Turnstile Event Indicators

On the Gradebook>Gradebook spreadsheet screen, the "Gr" grade level column color codes student's grade with the Event color, if the student is currently checked into a Turnstile event (and presumably not in the classroom).  Placing your cursor on the colored grade level shows the student's location (i.e. the event they are checked into) via the tooltip.



Show a Summary of Turnstile Events when a new Event is Posted

When a new Turnstile Event is received for any student on displayed Gradebook's roster, a popup window is displayed containing a summary of the day's Turnstile events for all students on the roster.

For example, if a student on the roster checks into the Nurse's office, the teacher sees a popup indicating his location:

Their grade level GR indicator will thereafter become color coded:

When the student checks out of the Nurse's office, the system informs the teacher that a checkout has occurred:

Checkouts are shown in green text.

Checking the Turnstile Event Summary

Teachers can directly bring up the Turnstile event summary dialog by clicking the 'View Student Turnstile Checkins' icon on just above the grading spreadsheet on the screen:

The  icon displays the Turnstile event summary dialog any time the teacher would like to see it.

Allow Teachers to Directly Check Students In & Out of Certain Events

If any Turnstile Events are configured to allow teachers to directly check students in or out, teachers see an icon before each student's name on the GB spreadsheet screen:

To check a student directly into an event, the teacher clicks on their icon.  This brings up an "Update Student Location" dialog for the student with a list of all of the Turnstile events configured to allow teachers to directly update them:

To check a student into an event, the teacher selects the event and clicks "Update Student".

Once the teacher has updated the student's location (that is, checked them into an event), the Event Summary dialog is displayed with the new event:

Repeated selection of the same event toggles the student into and out of it.

Configuring Turnstile Events to Allow Teachers Direct Access

On the Turnstile>Setup>Turnstile Events screen, the "GB" column is used to indicate which events teachers have the ability to directly update:

To give teachers the ability to directly check students into & out of an Event, go to the Turnstile>Setup>Turnstile Events screen and check the GB column checkbox for that event (and save).

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