Google Classroom FAQ

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For logs, visit Setup → Google → Classroom Admin → Logs

Common Setup Errors:

"Error getting access token for service account: Connection reset" - Most commonly a firewall issue.  The API call out to google at 142.251.(41).x.x over 443 tcp.  It is possible the IP may differ so have your district's network admin perform a capture to diagnose.

"Error getting access token for service account: 401 Unauthorized POST " - Permission issue with a service account.  Check the scopes on both service accounts and ensure they are BOTH added to the Domain Wide Delegation in the Manage Domain Wide Delegation page"

"Unable to see classroom in  'Sync Classroom' popup to link gradebook to" - If course was previously linked and then unlinked, it is most likely marked as a 'seen' course and is visible under 'Sync Classroom' within Google hub when clicking 'Seen Classrooms'

"Assignments not coming down from classroom in Google Hub" - If the logs show no errors this is most likely an issue with the alias of the course being mixed up with another. Using the 'Fix Aliases for Google Classrooms' option under 'Setup -> Google -> Classroom Admin -> Gradebooks' should resolve this

"Rostering/Creating classrooms from 'Setup → Google → Classroom Admin → Gradebooks' is taking a long time" - These calls may take a while, especially rostering, as there must be a request sent for each student and course. In addition, only 600 requests can be made in a minute, per service account. It is recommended that at least 2 service accounts are created for the ADMIN queue during this process to ensure that enough requests can go out.

"Teacher Denied a course in classroom, and now want to undo it" - They can either unlink it themselves and recreate it, or in the "Setup → Google → Classroom Admin → Gradebooks" select the classroom and use the "Reprovision selected Classrooms in Google" under Sync Options


  1. What do I need to allow teachers to see the Google Classroom integration in their gradebooks?
    1. Staff will need the securable location added to their user.  Teachers without this location will see no difference in their Gradebooks.
  2. What can I send to Google Classroom?
    1. Gradebooks, Assignments, Students (rostering), and grades
  3. What are the Google Classroom equivalents to Genesis items
    1. GenesisGoogle Classroom
      AssignmentsCourse/Class Work
      GradesReturned Student Submissions
  4. What do the google icons mean in Genesis?
    1. This icon:Indicates that the item in Genesis it is in the same row (Gradebooks, Assignments, Students, etc.) can be sent to Google Classroom, and clicking it will send that item over into Google
    2. This icon:Indicates that the item is currently in Google Classroom as far as Genesis knows, clicking it will bring you directly to the corresponding Google Classroom item
  5. I deleted something from Google/Genesis but it is still in the other service, why is that?
    1. Currently we do not remove anything from Google Classroom from Genesis and require that if anything is deleted it must be removed from both platforms.
  6. I am trying to update a field on this assignment and it's not updating in Google
    1. We cannot update or modify any assignments, or submissions for those assignments, if they were created in Google Classroom. We also cannot set a due date that is in the past
  7. What fields on an assignment are updated from Google?
    1. Currently we update the following fields: assignment title, description, and max points. 
  8.  Can a student be enrolled in a different Genesis school than their enrolled class-section is housed? Can the student still be rostered in Google Classroom and will the grades still sync properly?
    1. Yes. 
  9. How do Quiz assignments work with the Classroom API
    • The Google Classroom API prevents us from creating Quiz assignments from Genesis. These must be created in Classroom as a quiz assignment and brought into Genesis.
  10. Do we need to have SSO enabled? If not, what is the difference between having it on or not? (SSO vs. the Classroom Integration Only option)
    • You do not need SSO enabled, SSO is just for logging into Genesis with a Google Workspace account. There is no difference to the Classroom Integration whether or not SSO is enabled.
  11. If you attach a document to the assignment in Genesis, will that sync back to Google drive?
    • The Google Classroom API does not allow us to upload documents to Google Drive, the attachment of these documents must be done in Classroom at the moment
  12. How are the gradebooks in Google Classroom impacted when I change the order of the teachers listed within a single class-section? 
    • Changing the order (subsection #) of teachers on a class does not present any issues or changes to the class/gradebook within Google Classroom.


FeatureScreenButton NameThings to Note
Create Google Classrooms based on a Genesis GradebookGradebook → Home → Summary

Create Classwork in Google from a Genesis Assignment

Gradebook → Assignments → Assignment List

Gradebook → Assignments → Add Assignment

Assignments cannot be sent to Google Classroom if they have a due date before today
Update Classwork in Google from a Genesis Assignment

Gradebook → Assignments → Assignment List

Gradebook → Assignments → Modify Assignment

Save Screen/AssignmentGenesis cannot update any Classwork that was created in Google Classroom
Roster/Remove Students into Google ClassroomGradebook → Rosters

Import Grades from Google Student SubmissionsGradebook → GradebookGet Grades from GoogleGenesis will only bring in grades that are returned in Google Classroom. You can also overwrite grades from Google. Bringing in modified grades will update them in Google, as long as the assignment originated from Genesis.
Update Grades in Google from GenesisGradebook → GradebookSave GradesIf the assignment was created in Genesis and sent to Google, this will update those grades to reflect the current values in Genesis

Google Hub

Gradebook → Google

This screen is a central hub of everything you can do with Google Classroom along with some additional features not on other screens

FeatureButton NameThings to Note
Send Gradebook to Google Classroom

Unlink Gradebook from Google Classroom
You can only unlink a Gradebook from Google Classroom if there are no linked assignments in that Gradebook
Create Classwork in Google from a Genesis Assignment
Assignments cannot be sent to Google Classroom if they have a due date before today
Import Classwork from Google to create a Genesis AssignmentView Unsynced Assignments from Google ClassroomsWill also bring in returned Student Submissions from Google and populate Gradebook with them
Import Grades for assignments in a specific Gradebook
Assignments without grades will automatically be checked off. If you have assignments with grades they will be shown, but will have to selected manually because those grades will be overwritten by those in Google.
Update all Google Information for a specific gradebook (assignments + find grades)
All assignments associated with that Gradebook will be updated from Google. Grades will NOT be brought in, the assignment will inform you though if you have outstanding grades in Google that have yet to be brought in
Update Google information for a specific assignments (assignment fields + find grades)

Unlink assignment from Google Classroom
This will not delete the corresponding Class work in Google Classroom. Only stop changes in Genesis from going to Google. Assignments cannot be relinked to Google Classroom.

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