Classroom Admin Tabs

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Google Classroom Admin in depth

Google Classroom Admin Brief Overview

Gradebooks Tab

  • This screen displays all gradebooks in Genesis grouped by Department and the course id. 
    • Merged gradebooks are combined and shown as 1 course since in Google they will be one google classroom 
  • Ability to search for gradebooks based on course code, section, department, semester, state and/or teacher. 
  • Every time the page is reloaded or clicked into, it will update course information based on Google Classroom.

Sync Options

  • Roster Selected Classrooms
    • This will automatically enroll all Students with a valid google email in their respective courses in Google Classroom based on selected gradebooks, as well as enable automatic enrollment of students when they are added/dropped from courses 
    • Students will not be enrolled if the teacher has not accepted the classroom yet
  • Create Classrooms and Invite Teachers
    • This will create Google Classrooms based on which gradebooks are selected with the Owner being the first teacher on the Gradebook (the owner can be changed in Google Classroom if needed) and any co teachers are also invited to teach that classroom.
    • Co-teachers will not receive an invite until the owner accepts teaching the classroom
    • If the class is not accepted it will have a state of 'provisioned'
    • Provisioned courses can be deleted from Genesis by clicking the 'Delete Provisioned Classroom from Google' icon next to the gradebook
  • Archive selected Classroom(s) in Google
    • This will archive all selected gradebooks in Google Classroom
    • Archived courses can be manually unarchived by clicking the 'Unarchive Classroom from Google' icon next to the gradebook
  • Invite Additional Staff to selected Classrooms in Google
    • This allows you to invite other staff members (such as Administrators) to be "teachers" in the Google Classroom
  • Clear Google Info from Genesis
    • This will clear all google ids and links from all gradebooks and assignments within Genesis
    • This will NOT delete any information in Google Classroom


  • Why are some gradebooks unselectable?
    • If none of the teachers on a gradebook have a Google Email set, then the classroom cannot be created. 
    • These rows are highlighted in red.
  • Can co-teacher(s) be invited to Google Classroom?
    • If there are one or more teachers in a gradebook with a Google Email then it can be created in Google Classroom. However, any teachers without a valid Google Email will not be invited.
    • These rows are highlighted in yellow.
  • What do the different States represent?
    • Active - The gradebook is linked to a Google Classroom
    • Archived - The linked Classroom has been archived
  • Why can't teachers see gradebook information in Genesis?
    • Teachers must have the following securable location
  • Why aren't students being invited/enrolled?
    • Their Google Email may not be setup correctly on Setup → Google → Email Setup and Verification → Check 'Google Email Address:' field on students from one of the following field. Students with no google email will be skipped and if their email is outside of your Google Workspace domain they will not be able to be added
    • The owner has not accepted the course yet, students will not be enrolled unless the course is accepted, in other words, the 'STATE' field is no longer PROVISIONED, but ACTIVE
    • Permission issue with Super Admin account.  The admin account listed under "Workspace Admin Email (Workspace Super Admin User)" in Setup → Google → Admin → Google may not be setup as a Super Admin for "Google Workspace Administrator Seed Role".
  • Why are students not receiving emails when they are invited to a course?
    • The Google Classroom API does not generate an email when students are enrolled/invited to a class
  • I used the 'Populate 'Google Email Address:' field on users using the email field from' tool in setup but there are still teachers who are marked as not having an email, why?
    • That tool sets the google email on the User and the Teacher that represents them. If a teacher is not attached to a user we have no way of identifying their google email. You must make sure all users have a representative user and rerun the tool

Google Classrooms Tab

  • This screen displays all classrooms found in Google Classrooms that are not linked to a Genesis Gradebook
  • Ability to search for classrooms by state
  • Link to view the classroom in Google if you have access
  • Sync Options
    • Archive selected Classrooms in Google - Archives selected classrooms
    • Fetch Classrooms - Get all classrooms and any changes in info from Google

Live Check Classrooms Tab

Live Check Classroom Video

This screen allows you to view all of the data a teacher has available to them in Google Classroom. By selecting an email it will pull in all their classrooms live as they currently are in google with the following information:

The  icon will bring you to their classroom as long as you have access from your currently logged in google account

The  will display all their assignments for that classroom and all related information such as below:

The  icon will display the currently rostered students for a classroom such as their email and names shown below:

The brings you to a users Google Hub within Genesis

Logs Tab

Displays all requests coming from Genesis to Google Classroom as well as displays if any of those were not completed due to an error (teachers have a personal log with less info in their Google Hub)

Event TimeWhen the request was queued to go to classroom
Req. StartWhen the request was sent to classroom 
Req. EndWhen the request finished and we received a response from classroom
GMailThe gmail of the user who made the request, as well as if it was made from the ADMIN side or GRADEBOOK side
TypeGET, DELETE, UPDATE, CREATE - the actions that were taken, whether we received(GET) info, removed(DELETE), update, or create information
End Point

What the type applied to

STUDENTSRoster info for Students
TEACHERSRoster info for Teachers
ALIASHow genesis refers to a google classroom when getting information
TOPICTopics for assignments
INVITATIONInviting/enrolling students or teachers
DescriptionA more human readable description of what happened during the request, this will also include error messages
ScreenThe location that the request was sent from

Shows the response we received from Google

Link to the teachers Google Hub page

Modify Classrooms

This screen (accessed from "Setup → Classroom Admin → Google Classrooms" and "Setup → Classroom Admin → Google Classrooms") when clicking the modify button on a classroom or a gradebook.


  1. Grabs the most recent information for students, teachers, aliases, and course for the selected item
  2. Can link to a gradebook if it is an unlinked classroom
  3. Can unlink from gradebook if there are no assignments yet linked to classroom
  4. Change the course state
  5. Can remove alias if it is not based off the course id, as well as create one for a course that does not have one.
  6. View students in gradebook, see who is/isn't linked with the ability to link them
  7. View students who are only in classroom with the option to remove them
  8. Add entered email as a student
  9. View teachers in gradebook, see who is not currently invited as a teacher
  10. See the teachers in the classroom, teachers can be removed and the "Owner" of the course can be changed here
  11. Add an email as a teacher via email address
  12. Audit button to show related logs (including historic ones) for the related student, course, teacher, etc.

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