Classroom Setup Tabs

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Setup Overview

Request Queue

This screen is used to monitor and check on the request queues for Google Classroom. Whenever anyone makes a request to Google it is placed on one of two queues, Gradebook or Admin.
  • Ability to Disable and Enable both queues. Useful for when credentials are changed, or you wish to stop requests from being sent to Google
  • Shows both queues with how many requests have been made in the last minute. If Google Classroom seems slow, check to see if the requests in last minute are unusually high, around 500+ is a sign that another service account should be added to that queue.

Service Accounts

How to set up Service Accounts video

Service Accounts are required in order for Genesis to make requests to Google. Since each service account is only allowed 600 request in a minute it is strongly recommended that two are created. One for requests from Gradebook, and one for requests from the Admin page. This way the two systems do not step over one another, and doing an intensive action such as rostering or archiving all classrooms does not affect the teachers ability to add assignments or get grades from Google. As once this limit is reached it will take one minute before more requests can be sent out.
  • Can view current service accounts and be able to delete them
  • Upload new Service Accounts via the JSON file, service accounts can be created and modified in the Google Developer Console
    • It is recommended to create two service accounts to begin, one for Gradebook and one for Admin. More can be added if needed, just follow the same steps in the documentation
  • Service accounts MUST be from the same project in the google developers console. If they are not classrooms from one project/service account will not be visible to the other


  • Enable Google Classroom
    • Enables this integration for everyone
    • In order to enable, you must select a gradebook to test out adding/removing students/classrooms from google in order to ensure everything is setup correctly
  • Admin Email
    • This field is required for the Admin screen to work. All requests to Google Classroom from that screen will be based on the rights of whoever this email is attached to.
    • This email must be a Super Admin in your Google Workspace
  • Default Google Classroom Naming Scheme
    • You can set the class name and section based on the gradebook with a prefix, description, and suffix using fields from gradebook such as below:
    • Class Name: Set what the classroom class name will be in Google
    • Section: Set what the section is name is
  • Enable Google Classroom
    • If students are set up with their google emails within genesis, a button will be visible that will let you select and active gradebook to create a classroom from
    • If emails are not set up, then a link to the 'Email Setup and Verification' page will be displayed

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