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The following are Example Reports that were created using the Genesis Report Writer.

You may Download any of the reports listed, Install them onto your Genesis, and Change/Edit as necessary.

PLEASE NOTE:    These reports were created by customers or Genesis support, and may not do exactly what your district needs, so please read the descriptions carefully. It is also important that you run tests to ensure it's producing the information and results needed. Some editing may be required for the report to work as you need it to, and you can make these changes using the Report Writer. If you are unfamiliar with writing reports in Genesis, it is strongly recommended you watch a Report Writer training video.

READ FIRST - How to install custom reports onto your Genesis System

Assessment reports available for download:

Report InfoSample Output
Assessment Scores Export - Download Report

This report will pull students assessment scores. Columns are listed as "Score 1" through "Score 20" instead of subject-specific. 

Created by: Greg

Last updated: May 2023

NJSLA with Student's Teacher Report- Download Report

Lists PARCC or NJSLA scores for specified school year(s) and pulls either Language Arts or Math Teacher appropriately, for the school year test was taken in.

NOTE: This report requires the departments on courses to be accurate. School years associated with test scores must also be correct. For example, a student's NJSLA score from May of 2019 must be assigned school year '2018-19' within the testing data.

Created by: Greg

Last updated: May 2023

NJSLA Student Accommodations Report - Download Report

This is an export of all students' NJSLA testing accommodations. Due to the many columns in the report, it is recommended to run the report as an Excel file.

Created by: Greg

Last updated: May 2023

PSAT Bulk Registration File -Download Report 

PSAT Bulk Registration File for upload into College Board. Not all columns will populate (ex: Test Admin Indicators, Hispanic ethnicity types, country code). AI Code can be input for the school the report is being run for.

Created by: Greg
Last updated: Sept 2022

Pearson Reporting Groups Report- Download Report

This report will ASSIST with preparing reporting groups for Pearson. The first few columns (prior to State ID) were added to aide in analyzing the results, and must be removed prior to submission. This report will list all Active students attending an in-district school who have 'Test Code' populated for the selected assessment. It will then list teacher's e-mail address, along with the inserted e-mail addresses below (by subject area). Anything entered into the e-mail address parameters below will appear after the teacher's e-mail address. Emails must be separated by colon. Based on the Reporting Groups Guidance for PearsonAccessNext

Created by: Greg
Last updated: Sept 2022
CogAT Testing Rosters (see below)

Locations file - Download Report
Staff/Users file - Download Report
Students file - Download Report

Reports used to generate 3 files needed for rostering students into CogAT testing.
NOTE: Class fields are being derived based on assigned teacher/student homeroom numbers.

Created by: Greg / Genesis
Last updated: Feb 2024
Locations File Preview

Staff File Preview

Student File Preview

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