Custom Reports: Daily & Class Attendance

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The following are Example Reports that were created using the Genesis Report Writer.

You may Download any of the reports listed, Install them onto your Genesis, and Change/Edit as necessary.

PLEASE NOTE:    These reports were created by customers or Genesis support, and may not do exactly what your district needs, so please read the descriptions carefully. It is also important that you run tests to ensure it's producing the information and results needed. Some editing may be required for the report to work as you need it to, and you can make these changes using the Report Writer. If you are unfamiliar with writing reports in Genesis, it is strongly recommended you watch a Report Writer training video.

READ FIRST - How to install custom reports onto your Genesis System

Attendance & Class Attendance reports available for download:

Report InfoSample Output
Attendance by Absent/Tardy Totals - Download Report

Select either Absences or Tardies (default = Tardies) and list students by total number, or more than X, or top X students with the most of the selected attendance type.

Created by: Genesis

Last updated: May 2023

Total Days Absent/Tardy - Download Report

Report totals days absent and days tardy for each student in a selected date range. Results are grouped, sorted and totaled by grade level.

Total Days Absent/Tardy: Group by number of days absent - Download Report

The second report creates a new report section for each 'absence group', where the groups are: Zero absences, 1-5 absences, 6 - 10 absences, 11-15 absences, and > 15 absences. It also provides an option to sort by number of tardies within each absence group. 

Created by: Genesis

Last updated: May 2023

Total Days Absent Tardy:Total Days Absent/Tardy Group:
Class Attendance Tracking Report - Download Report

Reports all Teachers who posted class attendance. Optional start/end date to set a range and you can also enter a specific department and/or a specific teacher.

Created by: Genesis

Last updated: May 2023

Daily Attendance Review (Report Writer version of 1055) - Download Report

This report simulates the 1055 Daily Attendance Report. It is NOT an exact match. It is similar, performs similar calculations and allows you to export the results to Excel. Down load this and edit to suit your purposes.

Created by: Bridgeton
Last updated: May 2023
Withdrawal Report - Download Report

This report lists students who have withdrawn from your district after a certain date.

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: May 2023
Handwritten Class Attendance for Substitute Teachers - Download Report

Prints all rosters for a teacher, and includes blank boxes for recording class attendance over 5 possible days.

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: May 2023
Excessive Specific Class Attendance Codes SAMPLE Report - Download Report

This report gives totals for Absences, Tardies and "Cuts" by student by class. It is hardwired for one district's "Unexcused Absent", "Unexcused Tardy" and "Cut" Class Attendance Codes. You MUST customize this to your codes or it will not work for you. It is a "sample" of what can be done, and not a finished report because it cannot be used as is due to the specific codes being looked at. 

Excessive Specific Class Attendance Codes SAMPLE Report2 with Daily Totals - Download Report

This version of the SAMPLE Report includes Daily Attendance absence totals as well as start and end dates.

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: March 2024
Sample Report 1:Sample Report 2:
Class Attendance - Daily/Period Attendance Report which runs based on the Cycle Day (for schools w. rotating schedule) - Download Report

This report looks to simulate the built-in Genesis report: #60450: "Daily Period Attendance Report" which displays students' Daily Attendance with attendance also from each period. The built-in report does not work with rotating periods. This report attempts to make that happen, by looking on the school calendar to identify the cycle day for the date the report is run.

Note: Some changes may need to be made. 1) The report uses the "sequence" number on the rotating periods. Be sure to check the Scheduling > Setup > Rotating Periods list for what these sequence numbers are. There are options on the report to indicate the sequence numbers of the periods you want to pull. 2) The columns are named "Block 1, Block 2, Block 3," etc. You may need to re-name the columns to mirror the actual periods/blocks your school uses for attendance throughout the day.  3) There are up to 9 blocks in the report. You may delete or "hide" the columns you don't need.

Created by: Genesis

Last updated: May 2023

Class Attendance by Day, Counselor, or Teacher - Download Report

List class attendance for a selected date by teacher, or counselor.

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: May 2023
ESY Daily Attendance with Totals Report - Download Report

Reports on daily attendance recorded using the ESY feature (Attenance > ESY screen). Displays student attendance for a single ESY program date, but attendance totals are for their entire ESY enrollment.

Created by: Greg
Last updated: March 2020

ESY Attendance for Date Range - Download Report

ESY Attendance for multiple dates. Creates a page break between students, with attendance totals per each section.

Created by: Greg
Last updated: March 2020
ESY Daily Attendance Rates - Download Report

List of all dates where attendance was recorded for the program and Summer selected. The report will then give total number of students on roll, absent, present, tardy, and virtual for each of the attendance dates listed. Students are included no matter what school or school year they are in, regardless of enrollment status at the district.

Created by: Greg
Last updated: Aug 2021
Parent Attendance Notes - Download Report

Prints parent attendance notes by school or student.

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: May 2023
Excessive Class Absences for a Period - Download Report

This report functions similar to the built-in #60540 report, but lets the user run for a specific print period. For example, you can report all students who have more than 5 unexcused absences in period 2 only. This is based on the Scheduling > Setup list of periods and NOT the school's rotating periods.

Created by: Greg
Last updated: March 2020
Parent Attendance Note Posting Report - Download Report

Reports the daily value from posted Parent Attendance Notes.  It assumes you are collecting Presents from the Notify Attendance Office screen in the Portal.  Report will show who is posted as Present, Absent and who did not post a note.

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: March 2020
Enrollment Counts

Enrollment Counts by Date - Download Report

Enrollment Counts by Date report will first list each valid attendance date based on the school calendars. Will display a total active number of students for each date. This Total is based on student having a 'possible day' value on that date (ex:Present, Absent, Tardy, etc.  but not Religious Holiday, Not On Roll, etc.) in order to exclude students who were inactive on that date. Also lists percentage of present and absent students.

Enrollment Counts by Date and Grade Level - Download Report

This report is the same as above, only it includes totals per each grade level. The report above only has a single column of totals for all grade levels.

Created by: Greg
Last updated: Dec 2020

Enrollment Counts by Date:Enrollment Counts by Date and Grade Level:
Percentage of Classes Missed - Download Report

Lists all active courses per student, and number of total absences (excused + Unexcused) per class with number of days in the entire course. Calculates percentage of absences the student has in each course. If the report isn't calculating the correct number of days for the course, make sure you attendance cycles are setup with the correct dates. Sorts and breaks by Teacher name.

Created by: Greg
Last updated: Jan 2021
Class / Daily Attendance Comparison Report - Download Report

This finds all students who have class attendance codes (i.e. 'issues') for a selected date and compares them to an optional Daily Attendance Code. The goal is - for example - to find students who are marked "Present" for the day but have skipped specific classes. The use is generally for virtual days, when students are working from home and teachers (even middle and elementary school teachers) are taking attendance for specific course sections or subjects. Selections can be made for specific course sections, specific groups of students and compared to all daily attendance codes or a single selected daily attendance code. It can also be run by staff member. This leads with Class Attendance, not Daily Attendance. and only lists students with recorded Class Attendance codes for the selected date.

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: May 2023
Student Class Attendance Detail Report - Download Report

This prints one page per student (that is, it is sectioned by student) and will print all Class Attendance "issues" for the selected students between a start and end date. It can be run for selected course sections or for selected staff members,

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: May 2023
Student Class Attendance Consecutive Day Detail Report - Download Report

This prints one page per student and tracks either only "consecutive days" class attendance absences or all class attendance "issues" for the selected students between a start and end date. It can optionally be run for selected Student Lists, or a selected course section or for selected staff members.
NOTE:This report can run for extended amounts of time (e.g. 20 minutes) when run 'for all students for all days from the start of the year until now'. Select smaller groups of students for rapid processing.

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: May 2023
Homeroom Percentage Attendance Report - Download Report

This gives the percentage of students present in each homeroom in a school on a single selected day. Any present is accepted - virtual or physical.

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: May 2023
Teacher Class Attendance Summary - Download Report

Lists all of the teacher's class rosters with daily and class attendance summary for the selected date. Teacher and Attendance Date are required options.
Note: Report must be updated to match your school's print periods. As-is, the report pulls class attendance for print periods labeled as "1" through "8"

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: Nov 2023
Excellent Attendance - Download Report

This is designed to be a customizable version of the built-in Attendance module report #1100

Total Days Absent Tardy Report-Report totals days absent and days tardy for each student in a selected date range. Results are grouped, sorted and totaled by grade level.

Select "0" to return only students with 0 absences

Leave blank to have this rule ignored

For Multiple School Years - Download Report

Note: This is a report example. You may need to update the school year filters within the Tardy/Absent columns. This version reports from 2020-21 thru 2025-26

Created by: Genesis Support

Last updated: March 2024

ESY Student Attendance Dates & Totals - Download Report
This report gives student by student attendance totals and attendance by date for students in ESY programs for a selected "summer of" year.

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