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Overview of New Jersey Immunization Information System (NJIIS)

Immunization data in NJIIS can now be imported into Genesis. Vaccines can be imported for an individual student, or in a batch using a scheduled task. For more info on the scheduled task: NJIIS Immunization Import (Cost an annual fee. Please submit a Ticket to Genesis for a quote)

The setup screens can be found in Nurses → Setup → NJIIS.

How do I sign my district up with NJIIS?

"Getting Started with Interface Enrollment."

Fill out the NJIIS online intake form: https://njiis-support.nj.gov/doh?id=doh_sc_cat_item&sys_id=984da5551b7f1990292ea932604bcb7e&sysparm_category=b9b2cd131beb595070900f66624bcb2f

Do not click on the "Click on the link(s) below to obtain answers to your questions." Instead, fill in the required fields below the submit your application.

You should receive an email from NJIIS, you will then need to reply to the email with an attached letter on your school districts letterhead, signed by a district administrator:

  • Within the body of the letter please include that the school district has entered into a contract with Genesis Educational Services as your vendor to have a query interface with NJIIS
  • Please Include: 
    • Tax ID #
    • List of all schools in the district.  Provide the complete school name/s (no acronyms) and complete address/es
  1. School Nurse contact (name, email address and telephone number)
    • EHR Vendor contact name, email address and telephone number. (Genesis Educational Services, genesisnjiis@genesisedu.com, 732-521-2002)
    • School/District IT contact (name, email address and telephone number)

DO NOT FORGET to attach your letter to the email.

**Important** If you receive a smoke test, then the submission was completed wrong. Please resubmit the application and do not forget to attach the Letter.


Once the application is accepted you should receive an email that looks something like this...

Make sure to click the Activate> link ASAP as the link expires in 3 days.  The link will bring you to the following screen where you will be asked to create an Account Key.  Once done, make sure to enter your keys and ids into the NJIIS setup screen.  DO NOT create a key with an '&' in it.  This will cause problems in the integration.

Make sure to write down the NJIIS Facility ID, Web Service Account ID, and Web Service Account Key.  You will need these for the next step.

If you have any issue in these steps, you can contact covid19.provider@doh.nj.gov for support.

Genesis Setup

There are also tools to run the NJIIS import task and to remove all immunizations that have been imported from the NJIIS.

Vaccine Mapping

NJIIS has a listing of vaccine codes. Each immunization in the NJIIS system will be for one of those vaccines.

Genesis has its own vaccines that are configured in Nurses → Setup → Codes → Vaccines. Each of the NJIIS vaccines that are in use should be mapped to a corresponding Genesis Vaccine.

The Vaccine Mapping screen lists all of the NJIIS Vaccines as well as fields for linking them to Genesis Vaccines. Once they are linked, Genesis will be able to identify the immunizations that are imported from NJIIS.


Once a mapping has been made, any changes to the mapping will cause all imported NJIIS immunizations to be deleted. Run the import task to bring them back in. This process will NOT delete any manually entered vaccines that have since been 'converted' to an NJIIS vaccine.


Unmapped Vaccines

Immunizations will be imported even if they have not yet been mapped to a Genesis Vaccine. When this happens, the immunization and its NJIIS vaccine code will be displayed below the other immunizations.

Once a mapping is created, they will be recognized as a known vaccine.

Make sure to check your task logs for unmapped vaccines.  A summary of unmapped vaccines will appear at the top of the logs.

Troubleshooting Errors

If you see the above message, with DIFFERENT ID’s check the NJIIS registry.  You may need to fill out a duplication form (Link Below) to correct the record. **Important to be sure that the records represent one child and not two distinct children who happen to have the same birthday and name.**


If you see the above message, with the SAME ID’s check the NJIIS registry.  Ask NJIIS what would be the best way to handle it. The information could be redundant and might need to be updated on the NJIIS database.

If you see Status Code’s 406, try clicking on the “Query NJIIS Database” button. This happens so we do not overwhelm the NJIIS Server.

If no match is found for the student, check manually on the NJIIS website using your login.  If the student is in NJIIS, verify ALL information is in Genesis correctly.  If the student is NOT in NJIIS, you will have to enter the information manually.

The student is probably not able to have information pulled from NJIIS at all.  If the student is in NJIIS, verify ALL information is in Genesis correctly.  If the student is NOT in NJIIS, you will have to enter information manually.

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