NJIIS Immunization Import

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NJIIS Immunization Import

Note: before using this task make sure setup is complete. See info here: NJIIS Setup

This task queries the NJIIS and imports vaccines for students. Vaccines appear as read-only vaccinations on student's Immunizations tab.


Update Vaccines: When this option is turned off, vaccines will not be imported. Log entries will still be created.

The import can be configured to run for selected schools and grade levels.


Q:  Why is the task not importing all students? Or, when we click Query NJIIS Database for one student, it appears that only some of the student's immunizations are being imported. 

A:   Genesis will not query every student every night, due to capacity issues with the NJIIS servers. The system will alternate nights on students so as not to overwhelm the NJIIS system. So if a student was queried yesterday, they will not be queried for again until tomorrow (or the next day). The time in between may vary, as this depends on the current status of the NJIIS system. 


Q:  There are still students who are not receiving all immunization dates in the import.

A:   Try looking in the error logs for further information. You may see that a student was not found in Genesis, or an NJIIS immunization code that has not yet been mapped to a Genesis vaccine code. To find the error log for the NJIIS Immunization Import task, go to Core > Scheduler, and click on NJIIS Immunization Import task. On the next screen, you will see the button for View Log, which will open up the log to the latest time the task has run. Please see NJIIS Setup for more information on troubleshooting NJIIS import errors. 


Q:   Our district needs to map additional NJIIS codes on the Nurse > Setup > NJIIS > Vaccines screen, but the screen states "Making changes to an existing mapping will remove all immunizations imported from NJIIS." Is this okay to do? Will the immunization data be placed back where it was? 

A:   Yes, it is fine to update the mapping for the 'cvx' codes to the Genesis vaccine codes when needed. Only the students' immunization records that have been imported will be cleared. However, they will be placed back once the NJIIS Import is running again. Please see NJIIS Setup for more information mapping NJIIS codes to the Genesis vaccine codes. Note:  Any vaccines that were manually entered by the district, and 'converted' into an NJIIS vaccine (because the vaccine is also coming from NJIIS) and turned blue, these vaccines will NOT be deleted. This process deletes vaccine dates that were created ONLY from the import from NJIIS.


Q:  Will the import work for students who are NOT being held in a regular in-district building? For example, if the student is in the "Pre-Registration" holding school?

A:   Yes, even though the student's current school is not listed on the Nurse > Setup > NJIIS screen, the import task can still attempt to import vaccines for them. Their current school must be checked off within the NJIIS Import task's configuration. If the import task does not see their current school has the Facility/Account IDs assigned, it will then look at the student's Next Year School to determine if it is setup within the Nurse > Setup > NJIIS screen. Pre Registration and OOD students will use their Next Year Assignment and Home School to determine which school to query from

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