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What is the Support Portal?

Genesis Educational Services and its support staff are now operating on a new ticket system that includes two support portals you can access for help: Genesis (Student Information) and SchoolFi (Staff Management). Each of these portals (websites) offers its own section of Documentation, Support Tickets, and Discussion Forums. If your district utilizes both systems (Genesis and SchoolFi), the district may grant you access to both support portals using just one account. However, make sure you are logged into the appropriate portal when submitting a ticket, which will ensure your ticket is sent to the correct help desk. 

Who can access the Support Portal?

All user can access the Genesis and SchoolFi documentation without having a login for the portal. However, only users that have accounts within the portal are permitted to access Support Tickets and Discussion Forums. For more information on issuing and managing your district's support accounts, please read further: Portal Account Management & Help

Where can I access the Support Portal?

The portals can be accessed from within Genesis or SchoolFi using this support icon, which appears at the top-right side of most screens throughout the system. However, we suggest bookmarking both portals for quick and easy access.

    Here are some useful shortcuts to keep handy:

Genesis SupportSchoolFi Support
Portal HomePortal Home
Knowledge BaseKnowledge Base
Support TicketsSupport Tickets
Discussion ForumsDiscussion Forums

Logging into the Support Portal

First, decide which product you need assistance with, as this will determine which portal you should use. 

For Genesis Support, please use the following portal URL: https://support-sis.genesisedu.com 

For SchoolFi Support, please use the following portal URL: https://support-sf.genesisedu.com 

The above links will take you to the documentation, support tickets, and discussion forums that are associated with that product. Only logged in users have access to the tickets and forums sections. 

Without logging in, the top of your portal will appear as follows:

Once logged into the portal, the top of your home page will appear as follows:

To sign into the support portal, first navigate to the correct portal's home page. Then click the Login button at the top-right of the screen. This will take you to the login screen where your username and password can be entered:

Note: If password was lost or forgotten, there is a Forgot your Password? link below the sign in area

Note: If you were recently issued an account, you must first complete a one-time activation using the email that was sent to you.

For more information on activating and troubleshooting portal access, please read further: Portal Account Management & Help

Finding the answers you need

Using the "How can we help you?" box

On the portal's home screen, you will see a search field for looking up answers to your question. This can be used to enter your question or keywords to search with. Please note: this will only return documentation within the portal you are using. For example, if you are searching within the SchoolFi Support Portal, you will only find documentation for SchoolFi (staff management). 

Users who are not logged in will be able to search for solutions articles within this search area. Click on any of the matching results to open the article:

Logged in users will be able to use keywords to search related solutions articles, tickets from their district, and discussion forum topics. The following works automatically once you have logged into the portal:

Using the Knowledge Base

Want to browse through the many help articles available for Genesis and SchoolFi? You can do so any time by visiting the following links:

Genesis Knowledge Base Articles

SchoolFi Knowledge Base Articles

The above links may be bookmarked for convenience. In addition, both systems will show an icon ( ) at the top-right of the screen, which may present a list of solutions related to the screen you are currently working on.

For example, when on a student's Demographics screen, this icon is telling us that there are 2 different help articles relating to that page.

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