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This article explains how to manage the support portal users for your district and troubleshoot issues with accessing support.

Who should be issued a support account at my district?

Only specific users within the district should be issued a support account. However, there is no recommendation for who this should include specifically. It is important to determine the district's core group of people that will be supporting the product for the rest of its users. If your district utilizes both the Genesis and SchoolFi products, you can identify a separate group of support users for each system. Accounts are not automatic, and must be requested by writing to our support. See below for further information on requesting accounts. 


What is included with my Portal Account?

Once you have successfully signed into the Support Portal, you are given access to the Knowledge Base (help articles), Support Tickets, and participating in the Discussion Forums

If you are not logged into the Support Portal, you may only view the Knowledge Base.

Please read further for information on where to access these items: Overview of the Support Portal

Access for New Users

How to request a new support portal account

All customer support accounts are maintained by Genesis. The district must send in a request whenever a new account is needed, by submitting a ticket with the names and district email addresses of the users that require a login. 

Note: If your district utilizes both Genesis and SchoolFi, you will need to include which system(s) each user is allowed to submit tickets for (you may indicate 'both').

Once our support receives the ticket, your accounts will be created within 1-3 business days.

Activating your support portal account

If you were informed that you have been issued a support ticket account, look for the activation email that was sent to you from Genesis. If you have not received this email, you may need to check your spam/junk folder as well. 

Click the link to Activate your account. Here is a sample of the email you will receive from support-sis@genesisedu.com:

Then, set your password by entering a password twice on the following screen: 

Once your password has been set, click ACTIVATE AND LOG IN. You are now logged into the Support Portal!

Customize your user profile

Once you are logged into the Support Portal, you have a set of user options that can be adjusted at any time. To see and manage your options, first click your first initial found at the top-right of your portal's home page. Then click My Profile to open your profile and view the settings:

Once you have opened your profile page, you can use My Profile to update things such as your Title, your Photo, your Name (how you would like to be addressed by our support), and phone number (how support can best contact you if needed):

Troubleshooting Access Issues

Resetting your account password

Our support has no access to view your account's password or force a password reset on any account. Users with forgotten passwords must reset their own password themselves. Please read the following article for a walk through on resetting your password to the Support Portal:   Reset Your Support Portal Account Password

Contact support if you do not receive the password reset email using the Forgot My Password? reset tool.

Account activation issues

Please read the account activation section above for a walk through on activating your Support Portal account. If the activation link in your e-mail is not working, it's possible the link has already expired, and you will need to contact support so a new one can be generated for you.

If you believe you were issued an account, but have not received the activation e-mail, please reach out to your system administrator so they can verify the account was added with the correct e-mail address. 

Seeing other tickets submitted by your district

In your Support Portal, it is possible for you to see tickets submitted by other users within your district. This is an option controlled by Genesis and SchoolFi Support. If the option is enabled, you will see tickets created by your colleagues are included in the Ticket Search. The ticket search screen will also include a Raised By search criteria, so you can filter by a specific user.

If you feel that you should be seeing all tickets submitted by your district but you are not, please contact Genesis or SchoolFi Support to have this enabled for your district. 

Submitting tickets for both Genesis and SchoolFi

If your district utilizes both the Genesis (student information system) and SchoolFi (staff management) products, your district will be built into the ticket system as 2 districts. One for Genesis and another for SchoolFi. This will be denoted at the end of your district's title (ex: "Hudson Valley SIS" and "Hudson Valley SF").

When submitting tickets, make sure you are inside of the correct (Genesis or SchoolFi) support portal

When filling out a new ticket form, be sure to select the correct choice in the Application field for which product the ticket is about.

Taking these measures will ensure your ticket is sent to the appropriate department for support. 

I have logged in, but unable to locate the "Ticket" tab or other tabs

The Tickets tab and Forums tab at the top of your portal are only visible for logged in users. 

If you are logged in, make sure you are logged in using the correct URL. You may need to adjust your bookmarks if the support portal is bookmarked. Try accessing one of the following links to see if it resolves the issue:

Genesis Support Portal website:  https://support-sis.genesisedu.com 

SchoolFi Support Portal website:  https://support-sf.genesisedu.com 

Not seeing the correct documentation

If you are looking for SchoolFi documentation, but only finding Genesis documentation, you may be using the incorrect support website. Make sure you are logged in using the correct URL. You may need to adjust your bookmarks if the support portal is bookmarked. Try accessing one of the following links to see if it resolves the issue:

Genesis documentation homepage:  https://support-sis.genesisedu.com/support/solutions  

SchoolFi documentation homepage:  https://support-sf.genesisedu.com/support/solutions 

Unable to Submit Tickets - Submit button does not work

If you are unable to submit tickets to support (you have filled out a ticket, but unable to click 'Submit') and the screen continues to load or there is a 'Please Wait...' message appearing for a long time...

This could be a result of your district's network blocking the site. Make sure you allow "freshdev.io" and "freshdesk.io" on your network. This should resolve the ticket submission issue. 


    Additional IP Addresses to be whitelisted: 

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