Student Homeroom Assignments in the New Year

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After the summer rollover task is performed, you will need to make sure your students have the correct HR designations for the new school year.

Otherwise, as the first day of schools rolls around, teachers may not be able to take or post attendance for their students.

You can update students' homeroom assignments en masse from the Administration>Assignments>HR Assignments screen.

There are 3 ways to run this update – and if needed, you can change the way your school assigns HRs by going to the Setup>Schools>School Params>HR Params screen.


Specific Period Assignment

This tool allows you to update student's HR designations (Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required) based on the course section they have assigned (Student Data>Modify Student>Current Year Schedule.)

So, for example, if a student's HR Period is set to room 101 with Mr. Smith, this tool will pull out that teacher and room and assign it to the student's HR designation on their Demographics tab and place them in that HR.

Please note: With this tool, you may get a "The GRADED_COURSES table is empty! Please run the procedure from the Grading.Setup.Setup Guide screen." message when you run it. This message is telling you to set up your grade collections for the school.  This is also a post-rollover task to be done by the district each year.  You can do this update via Grading>Setup>Setup Guide. After you run the update, return to the Homeroom Assignment screen and run the tool once more.

Additional Info for this Tool

You need to select a print period to be the HR period on the Setup>Schools>School Params>HR Params screen.

So, for example, if you have period 1 marked as an HR period on the Scheduling>Setup>Print Periods screen, you will select period 1 on the HR Params screen as well.

That will be the period the tool pulls the teacher's name from, based on student schedules.

You need to designate an "HR" period on your Print Periods screen. This is done via Scheduling>Setup>Periods.

Click to modify the print period you need, select "YES" in the Homeroom area, and click "Save."

Alpha By Grade Assignment

This is used to set student's homeroom assignments based on their grade level.  

You can select the grade level to the right of the appropriate homeroom number. 

So, for example, if you know grade 09 will be assigned to room 100, 101, 102, 103 etc, you check off Grade 09 for each room and then click "Assign" at the bottom of the screen.

Student List to Room Assignment

This option allows you to select a Student List, check off the room number, and click "Assign" at the bottom of the screen, to assign students to the homerooms.

So, for example, if you have a student list of 30 students you know will be in HR 01, you select the student list in the "Students from" dropdown, check off the box to the left of 01, and click "Assign" at the bottom of the screen.

If applicable, you can check off the "Overwrite student's existing Homeroom assignments" option as well.  

You also have the option to "Clear any HR assignments to selected rooms."  

The "Clear Homeroom" button next to the HR # will clear all the kids from that room.



Q: Can I give a user access to ONLY change a student's HR field on their Demographics screen?

A: We have a separate securable location called "studentdata.modifystudent.demographics.required.homeroom" - which specifically grants access to just that field.

To get this to work you would have to give the user INQUIRY only access to demographics required page ("studentdata.modifystudent.demographics.required") and then you could add Change Access to the securable location of "studentdata.modifystudent.demographics.required.homeroom."

Q: Is there a way to quickly generate student lists (dynamic lists) for each Homeroom in my school?

A: Yes - we do have a tool for this via NJ>NJSmart>Course Submission, actually.

Click on the "Create a dynamic student list for each homeroom in the current school (Top of the screen drop down list.)" tool in the "Student List Generation Tools" area.

Q: Our homerooms rolled over for students during the rollover. How do we clear them out?

A: Homerooms roll over into the new year, yes.  It is a post-rollover task to update HR assignments for the district each year.

You can assign and clear homeroom assignments en masse via Admin>Assignments>HR Assignments.

Prior to the rollover, you can also utilize the "Next Year Homeroom" field found on the Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required screen if you know which HR they will be moving into prior to the rollover being performed.

If that is in place, the student's will get the new HR assigned during the rollover.

Q: I ran the Specific Period tool but some kids did not get an HR assigned. Why?

A: Please check if the students have a section assigned to their schedule that has a period marked as a homeroom period.

If they do not, the tool cannot assign anything.

  • To check a student's schedule, go to Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Current Year Schedule
  • To check if the print period is marked as a homeroom, go to Scheduling>Setup>Periods.

Q: We get this message and cannot continue on to assign HRs to students when using the Specific Period tool: "The GRADED_COURSES table is empty! Please run the procedure from the Grading.Setup.Setup Guide screen." How do we proceed?

A: This is a message telling you to set up your grade collections for the school.

This is also a post-rollover task, to be done by the district every year.

You can do this en masse via Grading>Setup>Setup Guide.

Or you can go to Scheduling>Sections, search for all sections using the "GRADING" View, and you can check off your collections there. You must do this for every school.

Q: How do we modify a single student's HR?

A: You can update one student's HR assignment by navigating to their Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required tab.

Locate the Homeroom dropdown, make your new select, and click Save.

Q: Is there a report to run that will display all the HR rosters?

A: Some reports you can use:

Q: Is there a way to sync a student's schedule to their homeroom designation?

A: Yes with the Elem HR Sync tool. Read this article for more information.

Q: How do we update a teacher's HR number?

A: You can do this via Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Schools, Scheduling>Setup>Teachers, and/or Next Year Scheduling>Setup>Teachers.

Q: How do we add/remove homeroom numbers?

A: You can do this via Scheduling>Setup>Rooms and/or Next Year Scheduling>Setup>Rooms by setting the "Is this a Homeroom" flag to YES on the room number needed

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