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How can I grant a user access to this report?

Reports have role-based security. There are 2 spots where you can add/remove roles from reports.

  1. Click to modify a role via Setup>Security>Roles. There is a "Reports" sub tab. Click "Add Reports," and then you can check off the relevant report(s) and click "Assign Reports." All users with that role would then have access to those reports.
  2. Click to modify a report from any Reports tab. At the bottom, there is a "Publish/Security" area. You can add in roles from here as well.

Why can I not send a report through E-Mail on the Schedule Report Screen?

The drop down list of users to send a report to only appears when:

  1. Your Genesis Logon has an e-mail address associated with it.

  2. The drop down list will show only users that have an e-mail address associated and are enabled.
  3. Your district is not configured to send emails.
  4. Your User does not have permission to send this report through Email

The Setup>Security>Users>Modify screen is where an e-mail address is associated to a user/logon.

How do I queue up a report to run on a fixed schedule in Genesis?

Locate the report you want to schedule in your list of reports and click into it.

In the "When" dropdown, select "On a fixed schedule" and additional options will then appear:

Enter the values needed in the Year/Month/Day/Hour/Minute fields.

Click "Schedule Report" when you are ready to queue it.

This user does not have that dropdown. How do I grant a user access to scheduling reports?

There is an "Advanced Scheduling Options" checkbox on each user's logon ID.  You can check this off for users via Setup>Security>Users>Modify User as needed.

After I queued a report, it kept pulling data for kids as of the day I queued it.  How can I get it to pull today's data?

If there is a "date" field on the report, enter the ${TODAY} macro into the field as you queue it. ${TODAY} will substitute today's date at run time, ${TODAY-X} will put in the date X days before today etc.

I queued a report but I need to delete it out/re-queue it. How do I manage this?

You can modify and/or delete out queued reports via the (MODULE)>Reports>Queue tab. You can search for the report and click to modify the parameters or click the trash can to delete it from the queue.

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