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Question: Teachers cannot post on certain days.  The days are greyed out on Lesson Planner>Calendar.  Why?

Answer: Check the school calendar first via Calendar>School.  Are cycle days applied?  If not, add them in.  Then, take a look at your school's attendance cycles via Setup>Schools>Modify School>Attendance Cycles. Are your marking period dates incorrect or overlapping? If so, fix the dates.

Question: We declared a snow day. Will teacher's lesson plans move automatically to the next day or is it a manual adjustment?

It is a manual adjustment by the teacher.

When a snow day is declared, the lesson planner will not automatically move lessons since we cannot accurately predict what a teacher wants to do. We leave it up to the teacher to move the lessons.

The best way to do this is on the calendar screen in the lesson planner. When moving plans, teachers hit the "Move" link for the lesson. The teacher is then asked to select a date and hit the Move Lesson button.

If a lesson plan exists in the date selected, the teacher will be given some options.

Question: Why are teachers getting a No Schedule Found message when accessing Lesson Planner>Calendar?

Answer: It could be a few things.  

  • Make sure the teacher has checked off their staff identity on Lesson Planner>Setup>Staff to User.

  • Check the start and end dates of the school's semesters and marking periods via Setup>Schools>Modify School>Attendance Cycles. Make sure that the user has active lesson plans.
  • On the Lesson Planner -> Lesson Books -> List Books screen for the user, you might see that each book has a warning icon that tells you the course is not tied to one of the teachers courses. This usually happens when a schedule is changed after the lesson books have been created.  Have the teacher modify the book from that screen and switch the "Is this lesson book tied to one of your courses" field to the appropriate course for the teacher. Once the course is selected and saved, the lesson book will appear on the calendar.

Question: Why are some courses missing for a teacher on Lesson Planner>Calendar?

Answer: This can be a few different things as well. Check the teacher's Lesson Planner>Lesson Books>List Books screen.  Make sure all of the relevant courses have "display" checked off.

Also: look at the Lesson Planner>Setup>Preferences screen.  Check if setting YES for the "Display books that are not attached to a course on the Calendar screen?" option displays additional courses.

Question: A user deleted their plans/books.  Can they be restored?

If they deleted them, yes, through the Lesson Planner>Lesson Books>Trash Can tab.  

Question: A user has changed their name (logon ID) and can no longer access their plans from last year.

The issue is that the user that they were using last year is different than the one she is using this year. This can be corrected pretty easily though.

First thing is you will have to enable the user they were using last year (Logon1). Once this is enabled, go back to last year, then go to Lesson Planner>Setup>Tools. On the top of the screen, you can move lesson books from one user to another.

You will select the old user (Logon1) in the first dropdown, then check off all the books. Then select the new user (Logon2) in the last dropdown and then move the books by clicking the button.

Once this is done, you can disable the old user (Logon1) again. The new user, (Logon2), will have access to all the old lesson books and plans from the Copy Plans screen.

Question: Is there a way to share just one lesson book?

When you modify a lesson book, there is a field "Check to make this lesson book private". If this is checked, then your lesson pals will not have access to that book. There is a also a "Sharable" field on each lesson. This way you can share a book, but not every lesson within that book.

Question: This teacher is no longer teaching this course in our school. Why are they showing up on the Lesson Planner>Review Plans screen still?

The teacher most likely still has Lesson Books from her previous course / school. Once those books are created, they will show up on the reviewer's end, but they will not be deleted automatically. Even if the teacher is un-scheduled from those classes and/or moved to another school.

What really shows under the Lesson Planner > Review Plans tab are the USERS who have lesson books within that school. All Lesson Books and Plans are stored by user, and not teacher, or class section.

When a teacher who has Lesson Planners for a class, but is no longer going to be teaching that class, they can use the Lesson Planner > Setup > Admin Tools screen to use the tool at the top. The tool to move Lesson plans to another user will physically take any lesson books/plans OFF of the user that represents the initial teacher on the class, and move them to the new teacher. They will no longer be stored under the previous teacher's login any longer.

Question: What built-in Lesson Planner reports are in the system?

Currently, we have:

  • Report 132 -  Lesson Plan Completion Report - This report will show all lesson books that have do not have plans for every day the course meets.
  • Report 130 - Lesson Planner Coverage Report - This report will show the standards that are being covered in your schools lesson plans.

We have a few Lesson Planner report writer reports posted in our Useful Reports page as well, which you may download and import into your Genesis instance via Lesson Planner>Reports>Import.

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